Blog. May 6. Been a tad busy.

Caper2013_211The weather on the NSW mid-north coast has been glorious, but I haven’t made the most of it this week. I don’t really know why, because I don’t feel as though I’ve been swamped with work – I certainly haven’t written many invoices – but it just seems I haven’t had time to do anything much. I’ve had a family visit, and that’s always nice, but it meant no riding on the weekend, and I guess last week was spent catching up after the Cameron Corner ride. The Dominator is still awaiting attention, by the way. Some of the damage turned out to be be very minor, and I’m grateful for that, but it’s not an easy bike to get parts for sometimes, so it’s sitting in the shed waiting.

Meanwhile, I had an e-mail that struck a chord with me.

Pottsy, owner of a really amazing DR650 in the Coffs Harbour area sent a few pics of his son. Obviously they’ve been riding together, and as I get older I think more and more how lucky I was to get some time with my children on bikes. It was mainly my son, but my daughter is a very adventurous girl and she had some good rides as well. I vividly remember her at the last-ever Oyster Bay Poker Run. There were over 1000 riders, it was as dusty as hell, and she insisted on piloting her PeeWee 80 around the senior loop. I spent the entire time behind her, panicking and fending off throttle-jockeys who appeared out of the dust at Mach 2 and who seemed determined to ride straight over the top of her.

One of my favourite memories of my son was him one day sticking his chest out and saying, “You know I’m going to beat you one day, Dad.” I was able to reply, “Not while I’m servicing your bikes, you won’t.”

It didn’t take him long to leave me way, way behind in his dust, and he went on to become a very good motocrosser and enduro rider, and a none-too-shabby freestyler.

But the good and bad times we shared on rides and around bikes was something really special.

And now, Pottsy’s doing the same with his son. I just hope it goes on for a long time, and I hope every other parent has the chance to enjoy the same feeling. It’s pretty damn good.

Here’s the pics Pottsy sent (I notice he included a pic of the DR):

dr sherwood 012 lachie at wahiou trig 002 lachie at wahiou trig 005


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  • marty blake on May 8, 2013 at 3:05 am said:

    We should do a father/ son dualsport ride, it could be just the excuse to get the Husky back [For Tom to ride of course]

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