Blog. May 13. Lead rider needed.

BMWGSSafari2009_097Yo everyone,

I’ve just had a call from Katie Warfield, owner of the Cannonball Adventure Ride, looking for a lead rider to do a three-day from Warwick in Queensland, down through Glen Innes, on to Dorrigo and back again. The ride is scheduled for May 24, 25 and 26.

I can’t do it due to other commitments, but Katie’s rides are charity fund-raisers, and if I was free I’d be there like a shot (imagine someone with my piss-poor sense of direction leading a ride? Oh dear!). Katie and her team have done all the survey riding and the route’s planned and mapped out, so she’s looking for someone who can clear the trail and help the other riders when needed. It’s all dirt road or similar, and should be a very pleasant three days. There’s no pay involved.

If you’d like to have a yarn to Katie and maybe put up your hand to help out, give me a shout and I’ll put the two of you in touch.

The excitement this week really revolves around the KTM1190 hitting the dealers. Looking at the spec sheet, it’s an impressive bike. Early comments from those who’ve had ride have been positive, and with KTM’s pedigree you’d have to back it to be an excellent chunk of adventurer. I’m not too sure about all the electronic options, but if it’s intended to make an impact on BMW’s market, the more techno rider assists the better. And to be honest, if I was sitting on 150 horsepower and looking at a slippery, rocky downhill into a creek with a wet, clay exit up the far bank, I’d be hoping for divine intervention and I’d be grateful for anything, electronic or otherwise, that was might make things easier.

I’m busting for a blast on the big KTM, and there’s a possibility I may get lucky, courtesy of the folks at Coffs KTM. Let’s hope so.

Speaking of BMWs, the GS Safari dates have been announced, and it’s set to go ahead on October and will run through the Victorian high country. I’ve done a couple of GS Safaris and they’re fabulous rides. I’m not sure which part of the Victorian highlands the ride will cover, but it won’t matter. All the riding everywhere through the Victorian mountain regions is brilliant, and the organisation and logistics on the GS Safari is always first class. If you’re keen to know more, log on to

That’ll have to do for today. I have a fair bit on my desk.



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