Breaking news: I got a real job.

Adv-logoVery briefly, because I’m at the bump stop at the moment trying to get my desk clear, I’ve signed on as editor of Adventure Rider Magazine for Mayne Publishing.

The first issue is aimed at around October, and the big attraction for me is that the mag is totally and solely about adventure riding. There’s no little bits of enduro or road bikes, it’s adventure only, and that’s where my passion has been for some years.

So although I’ll have to surrender my hedonistic freelance lifestyle, and experience tells me I’ll spend far more time at my desk than on a bike, I’m pretty happy. The owner and publisher of the mag is a very keen adventure rider and is currently deciding whether to upgrade his 690 to an 1190 or a 1200GS Adventure (I suspect he’ll end up with all three. He won’t sell the 690), and the company looks to be staffed by publishing professionals who love their work. That’s an environment I really enjoy, even though it looks as though the pace will be a little hectic.

Dualsport Australia stays. It’ll still be the home for those of us who love this type of riding, and it’ll stay my personal hobby. I hope you folks all stay here with me. The website is so we can share our passion free of interference from commercial interests, and it’ll stay that way.

The website for the mag is There’s a forum, a Facebook page, Emag, news and lord-knows what else going on there, so log on and see what you reckon.

Gav’s organised a sprint on an 1190 and a Multistrada today, so I’m off. One last day of insane freedom before I leap into something new on Monday.

Cheers, everyone.



  1. Tom,

    Congrats mate on the good news… Let me know if you need someone to help out.


  2. Will new job meen new bike & the poor old Domi left to the corner of the shed among the spiders.I have certainly enjoyed the past few months riding with you & the chance to spend some time on the Husky Terra & the KTM 1190 Adventure.I am looking at a ride at the end of August for those interested. Probably a 3 day ride & easy going. I am looking at taking my Yamaha TDM unless someone gives me a new 1190.

  3. Dave & Karen Ramsay

    Congrats Tom, looking forward to this new Mag.

    Hey Gav, count Karen & I in if it’s going to be over a weekend, hopefully she’ll have a bike again by then. Seems to be taking an eternity for Swan to either write off her bike or get it fixed. We’re still not sure what they are going to do. Her aches an pains are all gone & she’s been riding my bike to school. ( maybe I could get a new bike )
    cheers Dave

  4. Dave , don,t make the mistake I did & ride the KTM1190.I give it 11 out of 10. Blew me away. Now I have another bike on my dualsportbucketlist.
    Soc is planning a ride for next Anzac day. Called the Spooky Ride. Apparently we will have to camp out at least one night in the desert to chase UFOs. Maybe one stole the back off his Husky & he is hoping it gets returned.

  5. Dave & Karen Ramsay

    Gav, I’m taking the new GS1200 for a test ride on sat, don’t think I could keep rear tires up to the Kato mothership.
    Soc’s Spooky ride sounds cool, can’t beat sleeping out under that blanket of stars with desert sand under your swag. We should head nth of Boulia an chase min min fairies. Bound to find the arse end of a Husky or two out there.
    cheers Dave

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