Blog: May 20. Catching up.

I’m in Sydney kicking off my start at the new magazine, and so far it’s all good.

The company uses some software I’m not familiar with, so I’m trying to understand what I need to do with that, and of course I’m trying to a find a minute or two here and there to catch up with people from the industry. Fortunately, I’ve known most of them for 20 years, so I can get away with, “G’day mate! Doing a new mag. I’ll get back to you soon.”

I had a few very brief sentences with Miles Davis at BMW Motorrad yesterday, and that was especially enjoyable. Miles has shown both my son and I plenty of consideration over the years, and I rate the GS Safari as one the Australia’s best dualsport rides. Thanks to Miles I’ve ridden two (or maybe three) GS Safaris and I’ve attended a couple of what used to be called “Enduraparks”, the BMW riding schools. The first one I attended was coached by none other than Simon Pavey, and I had a fabulous time.

At this very early stage it looks as though I’ll possibly be on this year’s GS Safari, so you can bet I’m looking forward to that.

A short blog this week, and because I’m in Sydney I don’t have any pics I can post. Imagine your favourite dualsport riding scene as you read this and I’ll get a pic up there when I get home. Try not to think of me in in a crowded city, jammed solid with shitty traffic, and nowhere good to ride within several hundred kilometres…and no bike either, of course.

And people think working on a bike magazine is glamorous!


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