Blog: July 1. The first One-day challenge


I’ve been in Brisbane all week, working, and the last thing I felt like doing on a wet Saturday morning was to go flogging around a slippery, muddy forest trying to set up the first One-day Challenge. I’d just talked myself out of it – even though I promised on last week’s blog that I’d at least make a start – when Marty Hardcore phoned and shamed me into it.

So it’s on. August 10. Be at the Macca’s on the south side of Coffs, ready to ride, at 8.00am.

It’s a social day, so if you want to be there at 7.00am for a breakfast and a chat, that’s perfect. That’s the whole idea of the day.

Just to make sure we all understand what the day’s about, here it is:

* A one-day social ride;

* In the four or five hours of dualsport riding there’ll be one ‘challenge’. The idea is for the experienced riders to share their knowledge and help the inexperienced riders learn how to deal with the obstacle or conditions for next time they’re confronted with the same thing;

* The challenge should only take about 30 minutes to an hour to get everyone through. The rest of the day is sightseeing on open dirt roads and bitumen.

The challenge in this first one is a little variable. If it’s wet, just riding through there is going to be enough. If it’s dry, Marty has a couple of little bits and pieces here and there that will take a little thought. Like this bridge…


For the experienced guys, there’s single track heading off all over creation, and there’ll be plenty to bring a smile to your dial. For the less-confident, the whole challenge section is designed with big dualsporters in mind, and we’re very sure of being able to get big BMWs and KTMs through without any damage to bike or rider. There’s no guarantee of course, as on any ride, but those who stick with us will find themselves having to work for the finish, and barring a drastic mechanical failure or long-shot injury, should be very confident of riding through and heading for Juan’s Coffee Shop and Motorcycle Museum in Dorrigo for morning tea.

Plenty of single track for the go-hards.

Plenty of single track for the go-hards.

This is the first one, so we might be playing a little safe, but we’ll tune them up as we go. We also need someone to do future challenges. One a month would be brilliant, so if you’re keen to have a go, pick a date and let me know. I’ll help you get set.

I figured the best way of giving you an idea of what the challenge will be like is a quick video. It wasn’t raining when we were out there, but it was before and after. The forest you see here is likely to be as it appears – or wetter – and we’re figuring that for anyone who didn’t grow up riding Coffs clay, this will be enough.

I’m backing everyone will have a great day, and I do believe we need some good social riding, with time to share our passion for riding. That’s what I’m hoping the One-day Challenges will do.

If you’re going to ride this first challenge, please send me an e-mail so I have a rough idea of how many are interested and I’ll start a mailling list like the one we had for the Cameron Corner run.

Here’s a very brief overview of what you can expect…







  1. Dave & Karen Ramsay

    Hooray !! Well done Marty . Love the 5 lane bridge. Should make for a great photo with my Beemer stuck in one of the little gaps. However the promise of spending some time with Juan at Dorrigo should get most of us through. Only 42 sleeps. Might even be DRY by then. Looking forward to catching up.
    cheers Dave.

  2. It’s rarely dry in pine creek, and Karen’s new bike is?

  3. My new bike is…..TBA….when I pick it up next week. Hoping I will still remember how to ride after 9 weeks not riding.

  4. Yeh ha, Well done Tom & Marty, I like the video teaser. I,ll be there. Gav

  5. AHHHHH can’t do saturdays , might have to 4×4 support vehicle with the kids and pick up the pieces that get left behind

    • Dave & Karen Ramsay

      Pottsy . Sounds like you will have to work out the next one for Sept on a sunday then. Though you could buy a Ural & strap Kids down in sidecar, just till their old enough to legally double. Mind you a support 4×4 with bike trailer could be handy given how CCC worked out for some. Only 41 sleeps left to dream of 5 lane bridges with dodgy lane splitting. cheers Dave

  6. My new bike is the Terra. Had it a week and loving it!! 🙂

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