Blog: July 15. The Dominator is back on the pace

Ready for anything again!

Ready for anything again!

I missed a ride with some local guys today. It’s been a while since I’ve had a 9-to-5, and I’m having to adjust to what most folks probably have well sorted – doing your personal stuff on weekends. Bike maintenance is a big one. I used to pick a time when I was in need of a break from writing and head out to the shed. Now I have to let it all go and try and get through it on a weekend (which sounds like a prima donna view even as I write it).

In any case, I’ve been chipping away at maintenance on the mighty Dominator since we returned from Cameron Corner. Most of the problems were cosmetic, but there were a couple of things going on that were likely to be more serious.

The first was the speedo not working. It’d died a slow death over a few kilometres, and that set off an alarm in my mind. If the cable had broken – as I hoped – it would’ve stopped pretty much straight away. But it didn’t. It developed bigger and bigger oscillations at the gauge before finally expiring. I was worried that the gauge itself might’ve died, and getting parts for the bike isn’t always easy these days. I had to pull the fairing and plastics off to get the cable free and see what was going on. By the time I checked everything and decided the cable and gauge were were okay, that was my time for that day gone. I put it back together and left it for another week.

When I finally pulled the front wheel out, sure enough, there’s a nylon cog that turns a steel worm drive on the cable, and that nylon cog had stripped. Two days and $20 later it was all good to go, thanks to the guys at Coffs Honda.

Craig Murcott welded – and improved – the broken pannier rack, so that’s now done as well.

That left the problem of the bike wandering all over creation and getting the death wobbles when decelerating.

This one had been getting steadily worse, and I was determined to find the problem myself. There was no problem there a few months ago, so I figured it had to be something obvious. Once again I spent my weekend time pulling off plastics and searching for a crack or break in the frame (which was sort of what it felt like, but in a bad way). Nothing. The bike is rock solid and in great condition as far as I can find.

Finally I went back to basics and put two new tyres on. Bang. Fixed. No more wandering. No more death wobbles.

Good on me. The old tyres still had plenty of tread, but there’s more to a tyre than tread, especially if you’re doing road distance.

In other Dominator-related news, I was talking to Off Road Imports during the week. ORI imports Acerbis gear, and at the end of the conversation I suggested that if they were wandering around the warehouse and happened to see a dusty ol’, never-be-able-to-sell-it tank for a ’95 Dominator, they should give me a call. I remember Acerbis used to make a 23-litre tank for the NX last century. “Funny you should say that,” I was told. “There’s a bit of a surge in demand for Dominator parts lately, and Acerbis has started making the tanks again.”

So my order’s in!


Marty Harcore’s making some big steps forward with the disc at the moment, and it’s looking like they’ll actually happen…soonish…in a while…eventually…probably.

So this week it’s ALL good!


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  • tom on July 15, 2013 at 9:46 pm said:

    Don’t confuse the bike’s limitations with the rider’s incompetence, Pottsy. The Dominator does the bizzo! In a quiet, slow, unfussy kind of way, but it gets there and back. TF

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