Pottsy’s ride. Sunday, July 14

marty and trev ride july 2013 013 marty and trev ride july 2013 018 marty and trev ride july 2013 021 marty and trev ride july 2013 027 marty and trev ride july 2013 033 marty and trev ride july 2013 036We had a great day out. 300 kms of loamy leaf mulch.
6 mighty DR650’s
Marty actually had tyres with tread on them, no he really did!
Marty gave us a demonstration on how to change back tyres in the bush – apparently a week ago he decided he didn’t need rim-locks – tore out the valve stem.
Ride included secret squirrel trails – known only to a chosen few sworn to silence by an old trail master who lives in the hills behind Coffs – Al Gillard
Many creek and river crossings
One track that was voted the best track they have ever ridden
There was one grass track, moto cross session that would have put the Thumper Nat’s to shame¬† – the scene of Marty’s airless tyre.
One elderly driver who tried to take out anyone who tried to overtake him – several times
You missed a ripper of a ride – next time

See Ya Pottsy

A couple of pics from Marty H…




  1. Marty hardcore did indeed have tread on his tyres but to us mere mortals those tyres are
    ready for the recycle bin but Marty can get another three thousand k’s out of them,he really does think Green…Talking of Green Marty was right about his flouro helmet getting
    him in all the photos. Thanks again to Pottsy we had a great ride on Sunday with plenty of laughs and story’s of close calls at the stops,well done Pottsy and count me in for the next adventure

  2. Hey Pottsy any chance of a phone call on the next ride like this one, it sounds like it would have been a great ride . Ph 0418475712 I do ride a ktm, I hope that isn’t a problem. Thanks Dean.

  3. no worries dean, KTM , isn’t that a type of pumpkin ? lol

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