Blog: July 22. Bikeless…sort of

It’s another Monday and I’m actually bikeless.

Not technically bikeless, because there are some great bikes in the shed still, but the Dominator, restored to its previous majesty, has been dropped at the mechanic for a pink slip. While it was there, I asked for the oil to be changed, and I hang my head in shame at not doing an oil change myself. Still, that’s the ups and downs of being a nine-to-fiver. The up is that I can afford to have someone as good as Dan Vaughan looking after my bikes. The down is that I have so little free time I have to ask someone else to do basic maintenance.

That’s interesting, because my new boss fronted up today, and after a little waffling and mumbling, he asked if I could help him change a couple of tyres. He’s only ever had them done at the shop, but was keen to tackle them himself. Naturally, him being the boss and all, I’m happy to help. If he’s happy to have my away from my desk for half an hour, I’m ecstatic to have half-an-hour flipping tyres instead of sitting in the office.

So in a curious way, there’s a bit of a food-chain thing going on. I get someone to do basic maintenance on my bike because I’m short of time. My boss has me do some basic maintenance on his bike because while he’s been busy building a publishing house, I was goofing off riding and can change tyres without any trouble. There’s a certain balance in there somewhere.

For anyone who’s interested, I’m thinking of following the Coffs guys down to Wauchope for an Old Bull ride on August 17. Graham Whipp, an old friend of long standing and owner of Whipp’s Alloy Products, picked up a new Husky Terra a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been threatening to go for a ride for a long time…probably since we partnered up in the NSW State Pony Express championship 15 years ago. Anyhoo, the Old Bull ride I did in Lithgow a few weeks ago was a cracker, and Whippy lives near-as-dammit in Wauchope, and the Coffs guys are all going, so I might take the Dominator for a gentlemanly trundle on the Saturday. My boss is talking about coming up for the ride as well, so it’ll be great group. Google ‘Old Bull Trail Ride’ for the details.

Before that, of course, is the first One Day Challenge, and I’m looking forward to that!

See you all at one or the other.


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  • Gav on July 23, 2013 at 6:25 am said:

    May the weather warm up.Made a start on the one day challenge.I actually did some work on the X challenged on Saturday. Fixed the flashing stop light (more chaffed wiring found) & checked the sub chassis for fatigue.Did a quick run up Martells road & around the back of Bello with Anton late sunday arvo.Good to get out.

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