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There’s another week gone, and another week with no riding. If I knew how to do it, I’d have one of those “Days since I last went riding” boards on here – like a “Days since the last lost-time accident” boards I used to see when I was doing a mining magazine – just to add to the general depression of the situation.

To be truthful, it’s not all that depressing. It’s a bit depressing, for sure, but mostly I enjoy my work, so it’s not as grim as it seems at first glance.

This week I was in the Sydney office for most of the week, and that was that. Week done. I camped at Narrabeen caravan park, and it has some great memories for me. When I first started on Aussie Dirt Bike last century I lived in the Narrabeen Lakes park in a pup tent on an unpowered site while I looked around for somewhere for my family to live. I felt like it was all a bit flash this time. I’m far better set up now, and the weather was warm. It was a very quiet and pleasant few evenings.

Seeing as I’ve done no riding, I thought this’d be a good time to catch up on a couple of stray bits and pieces, and the main one is the Doubletake mirrors I fitted to the Dominator for The Caper.

$140 for a pair like this.

About $140 for a pair like this.


They look a bit clumpy on the end of the 'bars, but they're actually pretty good.

They look a bit clumpy on the end of the ‘bars, but they’re actually pretty good.

In general, I’ve found them to be pretty good. They’re a well-made item for sure, but so they should be at $140 a pair (roughly). They rely on a RAM mount ball in the mount normally used for the stock mirrors. Then you need the RAM arms to connect the mirrors to the ball. That’s why the cost mounts.

For 95 per cent of riding they’re good. They’re a tad clumpy compared to stockers out there on the ends of your ‘bars, but their adjustability is excellent.

Lots of adjustability.

Lots of adjustability.

And they seem like they’ll tolerate a heap of abuse – mine have over the last five months. If you do manage to damage one, you can replace just the reflector for $12.50 plus postage from Adventure Moto. It’s a ‘reflector’. It’s not made of glass, but the quality of the reflection is as good as glass, as far as I can tell.

My only problem with the mirrors has been that they wouldn’t stay in place on the corrugations on The Caper. They’ve been great everywhere else, and if they get a biffing the RAM ball mount lets them move rather than break, and that’s good. But in the long sections of corrugations at speed they still ended up with the mechanical version of brewer’s droop. And if you grab them and brutalise them back into place (like I did) instead of loosening the RAM arm and doing it properly. the grip from the arm to the mount gets less grippy over time, so the droop gets worse.

As soon as I was off the corrugations the Doubletakes were great again. No problem since. Great vision and a great product.

I reckon, with stock cheapo mirrors being about $15 and my having a zillion of them in shed, I’ll stick with the Doubletakes for all my riding except when I’m heading west on one of those multi-day desert rides. I’ll bolt a couple of shed mirrors on for those trips and at least they stay put. If they get smashed, it’ll be no great loss. Doubletakes for everything else.

Marty H is out this weekend running down some route sheets and GPS trails from the disc to ensure they’re all good to go. I think he has only one more set to check after this lot, and he’s busting his clacker to have the thing done in time for this Christmas. He must be getting very close.

This weekend is Sunny Corner, and because I made a deal with a mate, I have to drag the Dominator down there and go for a lap. Yay! A ride! Yay! It’s not a course ideal for the Dominator, but that’s sort of the point, and I’m confident that mighty Honda will do it easy-peasy. The rider might be a bit of worry in my case, because I haven’t done enough riding. It’s also a horse’s arse to have to bolt done Friday after work, ride on Saturday, then piss-bolt back here Saturday night.

You get that, but.

I’ve been stocking up on suspension components for the Dominator, and there are still a few bits and piece on back order. Hopefully after Sunny Corner I’ll be able to drop it in to Dan Vaughan and get it set up. I’m looking forward to that!


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  • Gav on September 9, 2013 at 11:09 am said:

    If you go down to the woods this week lookout! Been out today in Sherwood Forrest watching rally car shake downs.Worth a look if you can get out of the dust.On the gentleman ride,getting a few interested,see ya after the WRC. Gav

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