Blog: October 14. Lowndsie’s losin’ it.

It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve just watched Bathurst. Meh. I’ve lost interest in V8s in a big way this year. I don’t know if it’s the new cars, but I just can’t get as interested as I used to. Even though it was Bathurst I still went outside and did a heap of mowing and work around the house. I only wandered in to watch the end. It was exciting and everything, but it didn’t hold my interest.

I’ve come back to MotoGP in a big way, though. During the 1990s I was a huge supporter. Then I gave up on it when they kept changing the engine capacities and didn’t seem to know what bikes would be where from race to race. I still think the CRT bikes suck. Sorry, the bikes don’t suck, but it’s clearly two different classes of racing (otherwise why do they need separate qualifying?).

In any case, the three Spaniards are frigging awesome, Rossi is as entertaining as ever, and MotoGP is back to being my favourite.

All that should tell you I don’t have much to report this week.

I sprinted down to Sydney on Wednesday night to ride Yamaha Motor Australia’s own XTZ 660 Tenere for 30 minutes on Thursday morning. There are two of these bikes actually, separated by the personal preferences of the riders who run them, but the differences are very small. The bike has been lightened considerably, had some good suspension work, has a Barrett exhaust and is generally far more nimble than a stocker. It also has a little of the old-school feel of a stripped down 600 about it. I’d’ve enjoyed the riding if it hadn’t been on its way to 37 degrees and I hadn’t had to drive back straight after.

YMAXTZ660Tenere044That’s the only riding I’ve done this week. The Dominator is still at Dan Vaughan’s having its suspension upgraded, and I really haven’t had much of an opportunity to do much else.

Some news that did come my way was from the Fosters over at Bellingen – Chris and Matt.

Those who did the last One-day Challenge met Chris – I think. I apologise to the guys, but I always get them confused.

There was a bike accident at Bellingen last week in which one of the victims lost a leg. Apparently there’s been some rumours that Chris was a victim, and that he’s a little bit dead. I can only joke about it because Chris wasn’t involved in the accident at all. Matt sent me an e-mail explaining:

“The stories around the Bellingen area are mostly untrue. Chris is very much alive (in fact it’s his birthday today). He is not dead, or even injured.

“Last weekend there was a motorcycle crash on the Waterfall Way near the Horseshoe Road.
In short, a motorcycle rider heading west hit a car traveling west and, as a result, the rider came off and hit a motorcycle rider heading east. Both riders are in hospital and are expected to recover a-okay. The west-bound rider has lost one of his legs. We all wish both riders a speedy recovery.

“The only part Chris played in the crash was that he was simply there. He and a couple of friends were also traveling west on their bikes and saw the whole situation unfold in front of them. Chris and his friends were able to stop in time, stop approaching traffic and assist in comforting the injured riders till the Ambos arrived.

“As usual the small town stories get around: Chris was injured, Chris is dead etc.

“I thought it was worth letting you know, in case you’d heard any untrue rumors.”

Happy birthday Chris, and a big thanks to Matt for letting us know. I’m sorry for anyone to be hurt, but I can’t help but be relieved it wasn’t one of our group of friends here.

Speaking of great people, I haven’t heard anything of Dean and Caroline. I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

The other item of interest these week was I a snapped a few pics of Jonah’s KLR, and he gave me a list of the work he’s done to the bike. Man! He’s really got that thing in tip-top condition! He couldn’t make it to the last One-day Challenge because he was dealing with a niggling injury, but hopefully he’ll be back soon. The guy is SO enthusiastic! It’s a real pleasure to sit with a coffee and listen to how much he loves his riding and his bike. Here’s an example of the pics…

KLR650JonahRichards005An e-mail from Dave Ramsay just showed up. I’ll have a look and if it’s laugh – and it usually is with Dave – I’ll post it.

I’m at my desk again this week. The second-issue deadline is getting serious, but if you’re finding my lack of info boring, send in some pics and raves of your own. A few of you do now, and we all enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pics.


PS: Cracker! Gav Gill headed up to Texas in Queensland this last weekend. Dave’s e-mail was as follows…

“Gav’s Gentleman’s Ride to Texas was hilarious. Ask him what the time is currently inside or out.
“Karen met us at Mingoola on Saturday morning and we all rode down to Yates Crossing where we peeled off for home via Pickapeen. She spotted this bizarre creature fouling the Clarence at the crossing. It’s believed to be an aquatic mammal, Gavius Gillius.

Cheers Dave.”


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  • Gav on October 13, 2013 at 5:56 am said:

    Just watched Bathurst myself after getting back from the ride to Texas.Ray on his Benelli, Hanu on his KLR & I,on the TDM.We linked some good tar roads with gravel sections out to a few look outs on the way on Friday..Ray wound the Benelli up on the gravel sections outside Emmaville to Ashford & while it was hot & windy it kept the dust away from the following rider. Met up with Dave (tree hugger)at the Texas pub . Saturday Dave took us to the Glenlyon Dam where we Met up with Karen who had ridden up in the morning.We had a taste of what ridings available up that way & can,t waite for Dave & Karen to put on a ride. We split up down near Tabulam & got home just before dark.Great country for big dualsporters but I recommend using tyres with a bit more open tread then full on road tyres which are very slippery on the marbel surfaces.

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