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I said in my blog that I get the Bello Fosters – Chris and Matt – mixed up. Matt sent this e-mail:

“It’s easy to tell us apart.
Chris rides a TIGER that likes sleeping in mud with all it’s gear on.
Matt rides the DR that stands patiently nearby, fully loaded and ready to PLAY in the mud .
And Chris will most likely try and kill me if another embarrassing photo is posted on your website.
Lucky for me I know you won’t post it……right! Lol

Matthew F”

So I’d better not post this pic he sent. This one here…

photoOops. Oh no! It’s gone to the front page as well!



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  • Gav on October 15, 2013 at 5:17 am said:

    Looks like the side stand gave way & the fall is not rider error. Woops no side stand on the side she fell. I would say Matt pushed it over .

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