Blog: 20 October. An interesting week

It’s been a big week with work, with a couple of more biggees to come.

I still don’t have the Dominator back, so I haven’t done any riding to speak of. I slipped a new tube into the trials pushie and managed maybe 10 minutes dodging around the yard with dog, and I’ve been on the mountain bike in the mornings lately, and that’s about all.

Still there’s a couple interesting bits and pieces.

First up is the good news that Caroline is home. Dean posted a comment on last week’s blog thanking everyone for the card and saying how relieved they both are that Caroline’s home, but that she won’t be riding for quite a while. It’s great news, and maybe at the next One-day Challenge we can talk them into saying hello at Macca’s before or after the ride.

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to chat to Vincent Tesoriero.

If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, it probably just means you’re not a crusty old greybeard. If the name does ring a bell, you can imagine how rapt I was that he not only took the time to chat, but he was happy let me ask questions about some of the things that had been so huge in my childhood. His stories about the making of Stone had me wide-eyed and laughing. Vincent is at Procycles in Sydney now, and has a strong interest adventure riding. It was a fun half-hour or so.

The other very pleasant encounter was with Ray, Paul and Cindy at RadGuard. I didn’t realise RadGuard was in Coffs. I went to see them for work, and who’s the first person I bumped into when I climbed out of my van? It was Ray, infamous for his Benalli. Ray had the Benalli at Ebor on The Caper. You can bet we gasbagged about riding, bikes, what a sensational place Coffs is and all kinds of things. Paul and Cindy turned out to be just as enthusiastic and pleasant as Ray, so it was a very nice morning. The RadGuard guys put on cake and coffee and we sat in the sun and talked things over.

Ray's Benalli at Ebor during The Caper.

Ray’s Benalli at Ebor during The Caper.

It’s tough work, but someone had to do it.

And I hope I have heaps more to talk to those guys about soon. May I should go get some pics of Ray’s Elephant.

Finally, the HOG folks rode past my house today. I thought the dog was going collapse from exhaustion. He hurtled up and down the paddock woofing his brain out trying to let the bikes know who was boss. They were all smiling, waving and tooting their horns, so that just sent him over the edge. There must’ve been several hundred of them, and it was a happy-looking crowd with some great-looking bikes.

Am I the only one who thinks a Harley is the DR650 of the road-bike world?

That’s all for this week. I’m under the gun with work pretty hard for the next two weeks, but hopefully I’ll still have something interesting to talk about next week. If you have something interesting, e-mail it. It’s gotta be better than some of my dribble…especially if I’m just going to say, “Been at my desk all week”.


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