A cracker ride from Pottsy.

Hey everyone.

I’ve been busy riding the little bike of late so today was the day to bust out the DR-X – ‘X’ for all the extras on it .

As the days were getting longer it was time for a longer ride, up the hill behind Coramba and across to Nymboida. They have graded Black Mountain Rd. Now, there are many great pleasures in life, but getting my DR working hard in fourth gear on that road is up there with the best of them.  I did Coffs to Nymboida in an hour, and that’s an indication of the fun I was having .

With an overnight shower of rain on the ground the roads were in prime condition. On Glens Creek Road to Buccarumbi I was following two bike tracks going my direction, as you do, I wondered who they were, if I might know them and what bikes they might be on. With this in mind I thought I should try and find out. By judging by their lines and the length of their slides I could gauge their speed, so challenge accepted. A  spirited pace was to set off after them.

With a freshly graded road west up towards Glen Innes combined with the overnight moisture it was heaven. I could drive into a corner till the front pushed, move the weight forward and wind it on – but best not talk about such things. Let’s just say the white van on the sharp right hander got a fright.

By Dalmorton the tyre tracks looked a bit fresher on the ground and by the tunnel there was dust ahead. A very shiny new Triumph Tiger was leaving snakies up the straights, but the loose gravel in the corners didn’t look like much fun for him. With a wave we slipped by to find who was in front.

By Newton Boyd a BMW 1200GS was rumbling along, smoothly clipping the apexes and drifting out very gracefully, which was nice to watch, but the DR was getting impatient so with a wave we were away, letting the single lead the twin-cylinder brigade west.

With great disappointment at not remembering to bring change for the homemade biscuits and honey I pulled over for a leak. Soon after the BMW pulled up, and just behind him the Tiger as well. It turned out they were from Coffs as well, with the Tiger on its maiden dirt voyage. They were nice blokes and it was great to see them out there doing it .

Once up the mountain it was onto tracks heading south. There were roads I needed to explore to link up better to get around the ever-growing tar through Pinkett, and it all turned out way better than expected with every road a winner and each road  better than the last. I even found Mt Slow Rd – even though it wasn’t slow on the DR-X. There was more polishing of fourth gear and letting the cam do its thing in the mid- to top-end . The DR-X even liked these roads enough to sign her name with the rear Mitas all over them. Her writing was not very neat though. It was a bit like a three-year-old old with a permanent marker on the fridge door: not pretty but fun!

Before I knew it I was at the Guyra Road, so with the day being so good it was on to more great roads to Wollomombi. The only down all day was the constant amount of cattle and sheep grazing on the road, so after one nice little black steer rubbed my handlebar a few times I pulled over and changed my undies.

With a hungry stomach I pulled into Wollomombi store, only to find they only had half-a-dozen chocolate bars and a few cans of soft drink. So on a sugar high it was onto the Kempsey Road to the Styx River Forest, straight through to Point Lookout where there was too much smoke haze to see anything. So west the DR said, back to Ebor – boring black tar to Dorrigo and all to soon I was at Glennifer then Bonville and Home.

With 550kms done it was a great day to be back on the DR, perfect weather and great roads. We’ll have to get a group together and make a day of it again real soon.

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  1. Good onya Pottsy another ripper of a story.

  2. Good write up and useful up to date info on the road conditions. Enjoyed the read. Will have to check this place out more often.

  3. will do a ride up that way very soon , anyone keen leave a note, be about the 17th Nov – sunday or open to suggestions

  4. I need to get some practice in first – not been on the DR for 9 months. Rob, my partner, would be interested though.

  5. sounds good pottsy, i’m keen. Dean is keen to go exploring on Sunday around the back of sunny corner and i thought i would add some nice stuff around Scotchman mountain [not the rd] then a sneaky way home through orange tree rd back into bello

  6. Hi Pottsy I will be in for the 17 th if you are going cheers Dean

  7. it will be an easy run , twin cylinder bikes will easily do it , so all welcome, all ability’s, just a fun day out

    • Hey Pottsy, Karen & I were thinking we could maybe meet you along the way, perhaps Nymboida, then leave you all at Ebor,an head home through Grafton. Much like the first time we met on the shakedown ride. Can you give me a rough eta for Nymboida or Coutts if your going there.
      cheers Dave

  8. hi everyone , If we meet at the jetty in coffs at 7.30 and after a photo or 2 leave and head west . and Dave and Karen if we meet you at Glens crk road turn off, Namboida ( the bus shelter ) at say 9.30. there seems to be a bit of intrest so it’s looking like it,s going to be a great day

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