Blog: 27 October, 2013. Geez. It’s nearly November.

I was a bit stunned as I wrote the date. The year’s pretty much buggered. Where did it go?

A very brief blog this week (because I’ve done cock-all. All I’ve done is work).

Marty H has been at the bump stop and it looks as though the discs will finally be on sale shortly. He’s straightened up all the raw material and has been speaking to artists to get the finished work done. After two years work, I reckon he deserves a huge cheer and a heap of support from all of us. He’s done a brilliant job. I don’ know if he’ll hit his goal of having the disc on sale for Christmas, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for him. If he gets it across the line in time for Santa’s birthday it’ll be a reward he deserves. If he doesn’t, it won’t be a big problem, but let’s get behind him and help him make it work.

In good news, the Dominator is done. Dan (Vaughan) did the work, and he says the bike feels good. That was good enough for me. I paid the account, then didn’t pick the bike up. So now I’m busting to get the bike back here and go for a ride.

Busting I may be, but it won’t be this week. I told Dan I’d drop in and grab it this week, but I forgot I won’t be able to. Do’h. And the next two weeks are fairly full-on with work, so maybe my Christmas celebration will be to finally get to do a lap on the Dominator. That’d be fine with me. I still haven’t had a straight answer from my work about whether they’ll be closing down over Christmas, but I have my fingers crossed. It might be the only break I get for a while!

Not much news this week. Sorry about that. A big thanks to Pottsy for his story last week. I had a huge grin as I read it. That’s exactly the type of riding I look forward to most these days, and I could so clearly imagine that superb DR of his carving up those newly graded dirt roads. While I was reading it it like I was there. Good stuff.

I’ll keep up as best I can over the next fortnight.



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  • Dean anthony on October 27, 2013 at 8:27 am said:

    Hi Tom just wanted to let you now I received the dual sport mag through the week. It looks great and the story’s have been great as we’ll. Well done on your first mag mate I hope there is plenty more to come . Also on Marty’s disc, I had pleasure of riding some of the trails with Marty that he has on the disc, unreal is the countryside and the spectacular views. I’m sure they will look great when he finally has them ready, I will definitely be grabbing one of him. Cheer Dean

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