Blog: December 16. Welcome back.

The site’s up and running again.

It wasn’t off-line of course, but getting Marty’s e-store (or whatever it’s called) up and running meant things went a little haywire for a few days. It’s all good now.

Part of the reason nothing was done earlier was that I was riding for work pretty much all week. That sounds like a great week – and it was – but it has its payback, believe me.

Anyhoo, I kicked off with a few days between Wisemans Ferry and Hill End with some great blokes. The bikes were an Africa Twin, the BMW F800GS I rode in the BMW Safari a few weeks ago (my boss bought it), a kitted-out R1200GS and a bog-stock, brand-new KLR650.


Both the KLR and R1200 were sensational. It’s hard to imagine two more different bikes, but both did the same job in very different sensational fashion. The KLR was smooth, steady, comfortable and an absolute pleasure on and off the road. What a great bike. This one was fitted up with Kawasaki OEM soft-shell luggage, and it was absolutely brilliant.


The BMW motor was un-frickin’-believable! What a motor! The bike had hard panniers and top box – big ones – and they’re not my favourite equipment. Not only that, but all the other guys seemed to have decided the luggage space on the BMW was huge, and should be used. Everyone sneaked a few tools, first-aid kits, tubes, clothes, porn magazines and all kinds of heavy shit in there. It meant a tonne of weight swinging around in a bad place. It didn’t make any difference to that engine. It could’ve dragged 10 times the weight and not noticed it.

I got home Friday night, washed the stinky riding gear, then suited up and met Vince Strang and a posse from Inverell to ride a DRZ-S Vince had built as an adventure bike for his daughter Georgia. It was a bloody nice bike too. A heap of Coffs guys showed up as well, and Marty H led us around a very short loop so I could get a few pics and a quick feel for the bike.


The best thing of all was I was able to ride the Dominator. I ended up sweeping, but I enjoyed the Honda, and the morning, a lot. Vince threw a chain, but fortunately didn’t do any damage.


Marty got a flat just as we finished, then had it pester him so he only just made it home.

So that was my week.

Coming up is a ride on the KTM700RR (most probably), and then, THEN, Longest Day next Saturday. I’m pretty sure those who are coming know what’s going on. The only extra thought I’ll add is that, instead of cruising straight up to Sawtell Headland to await the sunrise, those who are early should check the Wimpy. I’ll go there first to make sure I have a full tank, and I’ll have a coffee. I’ll head up to the headland at maybe 5.20am or so.

I don’t have my hat yet. I’ll be looking for one this week. I’m looking forward to Longest Day in a big way. It’ll be different, but it looks like being a good crew, and it should be a really awesome day. I should have the new Hepco And Becker Pannier racks on the Dominator by then, too, so there’ll be no more sniggering at the e-bay units that’ve been on there for a couple of years. I’m guessing the new sidecover won’t be here yet, but I can’t have everything. At least I tracked down an airfilter cage from a wrecked bike. I can carry just a spare, pre-oiled filter instead of the K&N clobber I’ve had to carry up to now.

See you all there! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.



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