December 19: Longest Day, ready or not.

IMG_3126Just a quickie. It’s Thursday evening, and Boris Everson – current Longest Day record holder along with Dan Vaughan – will ride Longest Day 9. He’s had his trusty 625SXC freshened up, and although he’s still on a walking stick after the shocker injuries earlier this year, he’s going to tough it out ride and from Sawtell Headland on Saturday morning.

Other starters will include Ramdog, Karen and Darcey Ramsay, Craig Murcott, Gav Gill and Chris Laan. Hopefully there’ll be a few others who haven’t said anything and will just turn up for the ride. Marty H left a message to say he’ll be at the start to see us off, but I don’t know how far he’s planning to go.

Whatever happens as far as distance goes, can any newbies please be ready for the unexpected. That means with the weather, mechanicals, people, road conditions, navigation…everything. A great deal of the stress of a real Longest Day charge is due to the high speeds that have to be held for such long periods. Even though our group won’t be pushing hard on speed, there’s still plenty can go wrong, and I’ll be especially watchful of wallabies between Ebor and Guyra, and sheep on Baldersleigh Road and Gulf Creek Road. Aside from the wildlife there’s still Jake’s Jump, Marty’s Mistake, and the spot where I got nailled by a wallaby one day. I still don’t remember anything about the incident before waking up in hospital, but I’m pretty sure the guys will have a name for the place it happened.

Aside from all that, be ready for all kinds of weather. It’s forecast to be hot, and if we get across Mount Kaputar it’s likely to SERIOUSLY hot. Everyone needs to be ready to guard against dehydration. We’ve also had really hot years where we froze through Ebor and Guyra, and other years where we saw rain heavy enough to pull us up.

Just about anything’s possible. The best thing is, this year we’ll just pull up if something’s bugging us or not going right, and with the slower pace risks and stress are massively reduced. And by the time we get in a few coffee stops, chips and gravy at Ebor in at least one direction, and then listen to a few of Boris’ stories from past Longest Days, it should be a pleasant day.

See you all at the Wimpy between 5.00am and 5.20am. On the headland at 5.30am.


PS: The pannier racks for the Dominator showed up today. Now I’m not sure I’ll have time to fit them. I’m still missing a sidecover, but that’s not going to matter much. TF

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  • Dave on December 19, 2013 at 8:31 pm said:

    Darc can’t come,He’s picking up our eldest daughter off plane at Goldie sat arvo. Hopefully catch up with everyone next ride.

  • Chris on December 20, 2013 at 5:45 am said:

    I “should” be there as I am looking forward to the ride but the work Christmas party is tonight and who knows how that will end. If I am not there I know you don’t need to be told to start without me and enjoy the run. If anyone has any trouble some of you have my number but it is 0417554432 just in case and whatever help is required, be it ute, trailer or truck, it will be there asap.

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