A teaser!

Found this on the e-mail:

Hi fellow adventure riders.
Here’s a sneak-peek photo of Matt and Chris Foster’s four-day adventure ride from Bellingen to Wingham (almost no tar).
Story and more photos to come soon.
Stay tuned.

Matthew foster






  1. If they are turning left there you can count me out. Last time I was in there I walked seven or eight kilometres out to help.

    When I say walked, that wasn’t possible on some of the hills (cliffs?), they were too steep.

  2. Don’t be cruel Matthew , post it.

  3. Mean Dean & I rode Kilprotray on sat and it was in pristine condition .It looked as if it has been recently cleaned and graded so the hills were a blast on the 990 & 690 ktms so don’t be discouraged by Chris’s comment.

  4. I was at the top end on 29/12/2013 and it did not look pristine to me.

  5. Admittedly it was the end of 2012 that we got stuck in there and they may have cleaned them up since but man some of those hills are steep, too steep for old blokes (read skill level) like me anyway. Some things are permanently etched in the fading memory banks.

    We walked out as one way was blocked with many trees down, the other too steep and wet. I didn’t feel too bad, the final hill I gave up on the Landcruiser ute we took in to carry the chainsaws to clear the path couldn’t get up the hill either. Maso rode his DR650 out but has vowed never to try it again.

    We went through there around 1999 or 2000 in 4wd’s and came across a group in old Nissan’s, one hill was that steep the older carby model couldn’t make it up as it kept stalling below around 2 to 3 thousand. A good indicator is all the winch cable damage to the trees on either side where 4wd’s drag themselves up.

    OK dry, wet a disaster. You can show me the photos.

  6. Yep I agree I wouldn’t go in there if it was wet!
    I have one cloudy photo but how do I post it on here?
    But I think you blokes need to join team pumpkin(ktm) and try a real bike(LOL)

  7. rumor is there will be a demonstration on Wednesday by gibbo in kilpatay of 990 climbing ability, don’t worry he will have a tent just in case.

  8. Hell of a teaser.

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