Blog: January 13. A ride next Saturday.

After last week’s debacle with the spark plug jammed in the air intake I took the bike out again yesterday and had another crack at Marty’s GPS route.

What a day! What a great ride.

The weather was perfect, and the Dominator sung along like a little sewing machine (it feels as though it has as much horsepower as a sewing machine sometimes). I purred along and had a ball. I didn’t shoot a single pic or frame of video. It was glorious.

So now I’m going to do it again next Saturday, January 18. If you’d like to come along on a very lightweight dualsport ride, we’ll leave the Bailey Centre in Coffs at around 8.00am Saturday morning.

My plan is to follow the GPS through Karangi, Lowanna, Black Mountain Road, the Ramornie Forest and so forth until it meets the Old Grafton Road. I want to get to the convict tunnel near Dalmorton. If you’ve put your hand up for Chris Laan’s Adventure Challenge, it’s one of the 40 NSW destinations, and I plan to make it the first one on my list.

The tunnel near Dalmorton. Number Three on the NSW Adventure Challenge list.

The tunnel near Dalmorton. Number Three on the NSW Adventure Challenge list.

Chris himself is doing a massive four-day loop over this weekend. He’ll get seven destinations AND go to the One Day International at The Gabba.


Graham Whipp is coming along on his spiffy new Terra, and the more riders, the more interesting the ride will be. If you let me know you’ll be coming I’ll make sure we wait for you. Otherwise just show up and take your chances. Be ready to leave the Bailey Centre, with a full tank, at around 8.00am.

As an aside, I have a new UHF radio rig I’m keen to try, so if you have UHF, please bring it along and we can make inane comments and say, ‘Over!’ a lot like we know what we’re doing. Unless mine doesn’t work of course.

I don’t have much else to report this week.

Let me know if you’re coming along.


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