Blog: January 20. A great idea

TFDalmortonTunnelSmallGraham Whipp was the only one turned up for the ride to Dalmorton, and we had a great time. The day was perfect and we managed to tag up with Dave and Karen Ramsay, and Karen’s parents Bob and Jeanette, at Buccarumbi. From there we barrelled up to the tunnel, grabbed a few pics, then Whippie and I dawdled on home via Chaelundi and Juan’s Cafe in Dorrigo.

Me, Jeanette, Bob, Karen, Dave and Whippie at The Tunnel.

Me, Jeanette, Bob, Karen, Dave and Whippie at The Tunnel.

We were following Marty H’s disc routes up and back, and the routes were faultless. Really excellent. I’m totally rapt in following that line on the GPS. It’s the easiest way ever for a geographic dyslexic like myself to find his way around.

The reason were we up there was to pick off a destination for the Adventure Challenge.

The Challenge is a brilliant idea, put forward by Chris Laan of the Coffs Shed Market. There’s a list of destinations and the idea is to get to as many as you can. I like it because it gives me a heap of places to try and get to. I often sit here wondering where would be a good place to ride to, and end up usually heading to places I’ve already been. With the list of destinations Chris has, there’s 40 places in NSW guaranteed to be interesting or scenic, and all I have to do is pick one and head there.

Then, I phone a mate, like Whippie, and say, “Hey! Want to head to this place? It’s supposed to be good.”

That’s all the excuse most of us need.

I can’t help but notice that, no matter how grey a leopard’s beard my get, his spots don’t change.

During the 1990s Whippie and I used to race a lot of enduros and pony expresses together. He was always on whatever Husqvarna caught his imagination that year, and I was nearly always on my XR250, the bike I raced for over a decade. When Whippie showed up for the run to Dalmorton he unloaded his new Husky Terra, and I wheeled my Ol’ Faithful Dominator out of the shed.

We just don’t change, do we?

Dave Ramsay was on Darcy’s Dominator when we met them on the weekend, and I couldn’t help but gloat a little about him having ‘moved up in the world’ from his BMW to the Honda.

RamdogDominatorDalmortonHe took it with good humour, and I was still allowed a chocolate brownie – baked by Karen this time, not Dave. Dave and Karen are great company on any ride, and Whippie seemed to fit in and enjoy himself, so it was a great day all round, I reckon.

Whippie fit right in.

Whippie fit right in.

If I can get away next weekend I’ll try and cruise down to Mount Killekrankie to chalk up another Adventure Challenge destination.

See how I go for time.


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  1. ahhhh you just tease me with all these rides on Saturdays, the only day I can’t get out on , And what was the deal with no Dr Suzuki’s turning up – where was everyone !

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