Blog: January 26. Another great ride


It’s Saturday night, and because I have a very busy Sunday I’ll blog tonight.

I had a free morning AGAIN, so I loaded up one of Marty’s routes and headed south to tick Killiekrankie Mountain off the Adventure Challenge list. It’s on The Horseshoe, so even I had a good chance of finding it.

It rained on and off for the last week, so I wasn’t sure how slippery and boggy it would be. I had every intention of swapping from the roadie TrailWing rear tyre to the knobby Mitas E09, but it didn’t happen. One thing led to another and before I knew it it was Saturday morning. If I’d changed the wheel I didn’t think I’d have time to do the ride, so I went as I was. As it turned out, conditions were about perfect. There was no dust and no mud either. I had a ball.

Killiekrankie is only about 50km from Bello on Marty’s route – past the Bello Golf Club and along Scotchman’s and Hospital Roads – and the Dominator hummed along there like a champion. I rolled up to the sign, only to find it’s walking track up to the actual location. The sign said “1.4km round trip”, which I interpreted as 700m each way. It might’ve been that, but felt like 7 kilometres each way. What a shithouse walk!


I wondered if I should’ve sniggled the bike around and ridden up, but once I started walking it was clear pretty much straight away that this was no trail for an adventure bike. I doubt most riders would get an enduro bike up the first half, and the second half was slippery, shitty rock steps and skinny trails with crumbley sides and steep drop offs. And it was crap walking. I thought I was going to pop a lung getting up there.

Anyhoo, I had a look from the lookout, took a couple of pics, then slithered back down and rode home in time do some mowing (and have the mower throw a stone through my office window. D’oh).

Speaking of my office, I was sitting there working away yesterday when the dog went bananas and a voice was yelling, “Coffee time!” over the front fence. Obviously anything to do with coffee gets my immediate attention, and I went out to find Glen Collon – who came out to Cameron Corner with us on the Caper last year – waving around a Norco iced coffee. Glen works at Norco and seeing as he was driving past thought I might like a cold bevvy with smoko. He was right too!

It was good to see Glen and be reminded of that ride, and of course it was nice to get an iced coffee. Adventure riders are the best!

Next weekend I’m hoping to lollop out to Oban River, near Ward’s Mistake, if anyone feels like coming for a low-pressure ride. I’ll go up through Bongil forest as usual, Dorrigo and Ebor, then Aberfoyle, Ward’s Mistake Road and Kookaburra Road. So it’ll be easy going and should be quite scenic. If I do get to go, I’ll probably try and leave early. I won’t know until later in the week whether I’ll get away or not. I have to be in Byron in Friday, so I’ll see what happens.

For anyone who’s looking for a more involved ride, the first Old Bull Ride – now RideAdv Rides – for 2014 is on at Wauchope next weekend. They’re brilliant two-day GPS rides, and Marty H is going. If you’re thinking of heading down there, you might want to shoot Marty a message and see if you can team up.

That’s three weekends in a row I’ve managed to get out on the Dominator. Crikey. It can’t last.



  1. national park km are the longest in the world

  2. I can remember about 15 years ago driving most of the way up that track in a petrol forty series Landcruiser troopy before NP put up the bollards.

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