Blog: February 3. Namedropper!

DreamRacerCoverSmallI admit I’m feeling both a bit sheepish and a bit chuffed tonight.

First up my wife and I decided to go to the local Macca’s for breakfast during the week. The cafe bar must be one of the slowest in the country, so when I saw there were very few people I barrelled past some skinny kid with his ears tucked into one of those caps and blurted my order to the girl. While I was grabbing my change I heard my wife ask someone, “Do you know Tom?”

I turned around to see ‘the kid’ was an incredibly slim and fit-looking Toby Price!

I felt about 50mm tall. Toby is one of the nicest guys ever to ride a bike, and I have huge respect for him. I haven’t seen him for ages – which is no excuse – and the recovery from his broken neck has him looking razor sharp. He was on his way to way a final medical before racing the first round of the Aussie Enduro-X champs. As I sit here I know he passed the medical, but I don’t know how he finished up.

So I’m a complete slapcock for walking past him and not recognising him. Thanks goodness he’s such a polite bloke.

Next up, I had to spend a couple of days away from desk this week. When I returned last night I found a copy of the DreamRacer DVD had arrived in the mail. The flattering part of that is, Christophe had signed the front!

For reals!

We’ve spoken on the phone, but we’ve never met. For him to remember me from all the hundreds of people he must speak to, and all the gazillions who must help and encourage him, was flattering, I can tell you.

It’s a great movie, too. There’s nothing held back. When the key figures are impersonating each other and saying how pissed off they are with each other is hilarious, and some of the footage is very humbling. Dakar is serious shit, no doubt about it.

The only problem with the DVD is that Christophe signed the outside wrapper. I had to destroy the autograph to watch the movie. So I photographed it first.


I haven’t done any riding this week, but Marty H went down to the Ride Adv run at Wauchope, and here’s what he had to say…

“The first Ride ADV GPS ride kicked off on the weekend from Wauchope. Formally Old Bull saw around 30 riders turn up for two great days’ riding.

At first I thought it was a Ténéré Tragic ride as the 660s where everywhere, and even a 2014 Super Ténéré 1200 ridden around the special loop (harder) at a surprising pace  by Peter Payne, including straight up The Ladder.

But soon we had a couple of DRs and a few of every make to add colour to the day.

I unfortunately missed the first section around Bago Bluff, but joined the stream of riders at Telegraph Point as we weaved through to Kempsey on tracks I’ve never ridden before that were surprisingly tight.

The fun continued with  a short single-track section right into Kempsey which was very Moorish and became too much of a temptation and unfortunately I end ended up ‘”lost“ for 30mins or so. The huge grin on my face made it easier to scoff a pie at Fredo then to The Pub With No Beer and refreshment.

The climb out of Taylor’s Arm through to a nice downhill out through private property (all arranged) was the highlight for most riders, and the fresh roadworks into Bowraville kept riders on their toes right into a well-deserved drink at The Nambucca Motel in the cool breeze by the river.

Day Two promised to be more of the same, but unfortunately I missed it, and because I had so much fun riding I didn’t take any photos.

Good thing Trailboss Greg is so organised and had a photographer running around taking lots of photos and kept bikes and the day running smoothly.

All up a great day and highly recommended.”

If we can get a couple of pics I’ll post them.

Next Saturday I’m going to have another crack at the Oban River. Let me know if you want to tag along.


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