Blog: February 10. Last ride for a while

FrankAndJohn TobinIt’s Saturday night again, and I managed to wander out to Oban River this morning. It’s out near Ward’s Mistake, and it was such a perfect ride I still can’t believe how good it was. The weather was perfect, the coffee at Ebor and Juan’s was smooth and rich, and the Dominator is really working well.

I had a ball.

I even met a few colourful characters. First up was a couple of blokes in a farm side-by-side (like a Rhino or something), who were happy to have a chat. When I asked for directions, the older bloke obviously knew the area intimately, even the state of the rivers and creeks. That was very handy, because the Oban River had cock-all water in it and no sign. I’d ridden across it and hardly noticed it was there.

There were plenty of farmers out on horses, bikes and quads, including the two blokes in the photo at the top.

I pulled up to get a pic just because it was such a sensational, clear day. These two cam roaring up on their quads, with smiles like the grill of an American car, and had a good chat. They offered to take pics of me with the scenic background (their farm), but they were such great blokes I thought it’d be a better memory of the day if I got the three of us.

These guys knew the area as well, and gave a whole heap of directions for great riding and fishing, but of course I don’t remember any of it. I’m hopeless.

Still, they pointed to their house and work shed, and said I should make sure I drop in any time I’m out there, so maybe I’ll go back and take a few notes. They sure spun a great yarn about a fishing spot right near where we were standing. Apparently the spot is so chocka with cod you have to grab half a dozen with your bare hands and stick ’em in your bucket to make room to cast your bait in.

That’s what they said, and they seemed like honest fellas to me.

Frank and John Tobin. Top blokes in an absolutely top day.

I reckon that’ll be my last ride for quite a while now. I can see on the year planner that from now until the end of March I’ll go going flat out with work and family commitments, so I did well to get a few rides in over the last few weeks. I know from experience that by the time I get to the end of March, April and May will be chocka as well. D’oh.

I have a few bits and pieces need doing on the Dominator, so it’ll probably be a good time to attend to those. The bike is running beautifully, the pannier racks are excellent, and in general it’s in great shape. I just want to get the wheels balanced, replace a globe in the speedo and maybe get some patch painting done (nothing precious or girly, just a little TLC).

I’m itching for a run on my 125, too. And the trials bike. Maybe I can steal an hour or so for each of them across the next few weeks. We’ll see.

What you all been up to?



  1. well I have had the kids this weekend , so a run out to the junction across black mountain road in the four wheel drive , kids strapped in , truck inner tubes wedged into the back , the only thing I will say is a 4×4 cannot take those erosion mounds like the DR, but the kids liked getting air in the car and the water was great out there so a was a good substitute for a ride on the DR , and I think a night ride is in order while it is still warm at night , anyone keen

  2. night riding in piney single is great fun ,low speed and is about to be logged, farewell tour maybe.I get a bit scared if too far from home in the dark. I have seen kangatrees rip the front off a BMW in broad daylight imagine how dangerous it would be at night with dropbears as well.

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