Karen Ramsay’s weekend away

IMAG1526Fortunately I’m at home writing this ride report and not bailing Dave out of a Queensland lockup. I guess those new laws in Queensland aren’t quite as bad as people have made out.
Craig H finally got his new replacement KTM after the other one had its engine dusted, so we decided a nice day out with mainly bitumen would be the way to go to break the new bike in.
We left town at 7.00am with cloudy skies and sprinkling rain. Being big, brave adventure riders, that didn’t put us off.

It was a nice easy ride through Uki then up past Hinze dam with no rain. There were dozens of other bikes out and about and I’m pleased to report people are finally starting to wave and nod at the Terra rider. The big brekky at Beechmont filled a hole, and at $10 each was a bargain. Nice coffee rounded out brekky. The staff at the cafe said there were plenty of police about, obviously after all these speeding road-bike types.

So we set off steadily, once again in the drizzle, imagining what the view would look like to the coast. Now here’s where Craig’s and my version of the story differs from Dave’s version.

Dave reckons he was confused by the speed signs alternating between 60kph and 80kph so frequently. We reckon he was just enjoying the smooth road surface and not keeping his mind on the job.

Anyhoo, whichever is correct, I rounded the bend to find Dave laying on the ground beside the police car while the boys were tazoring him and kicking his bike, abusing him with things such as, “You damn adventure riders only going a few kilometres over the limit and stopping us from catching these bloody speeding road bikes!” and, “How are we supposed to get our quota when we’ve got you pulled over for doing 75?”
Well, it wasn’t quite like that. Craig and I sat over the other side of the road having a chuckle and taking photos of the situation while Dave and the cops had a nice chat (and fined him). Dave was quite impressed that he and his bike matched the cop car.
Craig and I managed to contain our laughing enough to continue the ride and headed up to O’Reillys to take Duck Creek Road. It was time to take this shiny new KTM on the dirt. I had fed Craig a few horror stories about Duck Creek Road – I think in the hope he’d say he couldn’t manage it in case the engine got dusted again or because he was on road tyres. As I remembered it (from 6 weeks ago), it was steep, gravelly, washed out and all-round scary. Anyway, he was keen to give it a go, so I didn’t really have a choice. Despite heaps of four-wheel-drives making it very dusty, it wasn’t too bad at all. Most of them were really considerate, especially the folk who went past us when we stopped for a chat and said they’d open the gate for us (and that was after they’d pulled over to let us go past earlier).
We stopped for a bite to eat at the shop in Rathdowney where we got talking to some people from Brisbane  on adventure bikes who had just come from spending the night at Emmaville.

IMG_5466When they saw the AdvRider Magazine shirt I was wearing, they said they had received their copy of it on Friday. They reckon it’s something to do with their surname being near the start of the alphabet. While we were chatting, another Terra turned up, but didn’t turn his engine off. I’m not sure if he was trying to maintain the mystery and intrigue that we Terra types try to exude, or that he possibly mistook us for a posse of Ulysses riders, as there were quite a few of them eating vanilla slice or carrot cake. Dave wasn’t much better, having a pie with mashed potato on top rather than pastry. I was the only one upholding the image of adventure riders as I gnawed on a chiko roll, paper and all. This bloke’s mates turned up soon afterwards and they couldn’t get out of their fast enough.

Dave, Craig and I had a nice ride home via the Lions Rd and as yet, haven’t heard from Craig how his engine is for dust. However, it’ll be a long time before Dave hears the end of him getting a speeding fine.

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