Blog: February 17. There’s a dualsport poker run coming!

PokerHandDominatorYo everyone. It’s time for another ride/event, so, thanks to Pottsy – who most of you should know, but probably don’t want to admit it after his hat at the Glen Innes MacDonald’s on Longest Day last year – we’re going to have a dualsport poker run.

In case anyone may not have experienced a poker run, it’s the simplest concept imaginable. Every time a rider completes a lap, they get a playing card. After five laps they have a poker hand. Best hand wins.

That’s all there is to it. You don’t have to be fast, or clever or have the best bike.

At this stage we’re looking at a weekend in June or July, and we’re looking for it to be a one-day ride. Anything can happen, but after our first discussion that’s what we’re thinking.

We’re also thinking about the following points:

* We’ll have a central start and headquarters, like the Macca’s south of Coffs. That way, riders can have a place to pick up their next playing card, have a drink, something to eat and be close to town. Also, we don’t have to man four or five checkpoints out in the bush somewhere

* Pottsy’s thinking of a short loop and a long loop. Fast riders can go the long loop. Slower riders the short loop. Fast riders who’re running late can pick up time by skipping around the short loop a couple of times if they need to

* Both loops will be dualsport loops, not enduro loops.

There’s a mountain of details to be sorted out, but as always, it’ll be free, and the whole idea is to for a bunch of dualsport people to have a good time. So spread the word. The more riders we have, the more fun this day will be. If we could get enough riders we could run teams! That’d let mates ride together and stand or fall on their combined effort.

Stand by for a date.

The other subject being chucked around at the moment is a night ride.

I’m not terribly keen for this one because of the danger involved, but Pottsy’s very enthusiastic, and after speaking to him I think he has an entirely sensible idea of how it would work, and that the danger would be reduced to a point where it was negligible. I’ll post more about that when we’ve given it some more thought, and that won’t be until after the poker run takes shape.

No riding for me this week, and probably none for the next few weeks because I have too many work commitments on weekends. A couple of riders sent stories last week, and I reckon that’s brilliant. Your stories are much better than me running my gibber all the time, so send them if you can. Otherwise these blogs for the next few weeks are just going say, “No riding again this week!”




  1. The DR is the ace, for sure.

  2. I’m thinking the joker might be more suited to you Marty H

  3. Any update on the poker run Tom? I’m keen. Cain

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