Blog: February 24. Lots happening. No riding.

Sorry to be a day late, but for the first time in several years I actually had ‘annual leave’. I’ve been working for myself for so long that the idea of having days were you don’t work but still get paid is a novelty.

In any event, I managed a couple of days away and haven’t done any riding. Nor have I made any progress on anything else – like the Poker Run. I’ve been so bloody busy – and I’m a little ashamed to admit this – that I asked Dan Vaughan to lube the speedo cable on the Dominator.

Twice I went over to the shed to do it, and twice the phone rang and I was diverted to work problems. Rather than let the maintenance go, I dropped the bike to Dan and asked him to do it.

That shows how little I have to report this week.

Before anyone thinks I’m getting lazy, I’ll probably be late next week too, but that’ll again be because of work. I have an insane schedule for March and the early part of April, and there’s nothing much I can do about it.

Hang in there, though. There should be some good images next week.


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