Blog: March 2. The new XTZ1200

_MG_3197I’m in Victoria riding the 2014 XTZ1200 Super Ténéré.

That’s obviously pretty cool, but even more than usual, because this is the electronic-suspension model and it won’t be released in Australia for some months yet.

Tomorrow I head out on the fourth annual Ténéré Tragics ride, and although it’s very dry and dusty here in the Victorian high country, it should be a great ride. There’s a heap of great people I know well on the ride, and I’m looking forward to it. Clubby, of course, of TrailZone magazine is a mate of very long standing, and it’s his ride. His wife Tania is here, as is Steve and Gai Gall, Steve Smith from Adventure Moto, and Peter Payne and Sean ‘Geeze’ Goldhawke from Yamaha Motor Australia.

I took the bike out to shoot some detail pics this arvo – as you can see – and it fair honks along. I think Yamaha’s Peter Payne was a little non-plussed at dinner when I remarked it was a little slow to get past 200kph, but I honestly didn’t realise the thing was flanging along so hard. It certainly wasn’t putting any effort as far as I could tell. I just happened to look down as a corner was approaching and I saw 180kph on the speedo. I let it go to see if it’d get to 200kph before the corner on to the bitumen, and sure enough, it did.

It’s a big comfortable effortless bike to ride. I haven’t had time to play with the electronic suspension yet, so you’ll have to wait for the mag to find out what that’s like.

I have a heap to do, so I have to go.

More next week.


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