Bad news. December 27, 2012

December 28, 2012

Bad news for the Dualsport Australia crew – which is me and Marty, really. And Marty’s son Tom, who’s our IT saviour.

Marty was on his way to work, commuting on his DR650 as always, when a fallen power line hooked him around the neck and dragged him off the bike. The line wasn’t live, fortunately, but Marty’s still done a couple of days in Intensive Care. I visited him yesterday, and aside from a few stitches and a world of pain, he looked in pretty reasonable shape.

Here’s hoping he makes a quick recovery.

Marty Blake: Expert at finding premium backroads.

Marty Blake: Expert at finding premium backroads. Caught around the throat by a fallen power line.


  1. It’s not all bad news a few day after getting out of intensive care Marty Hardcore was keen for us to go bush and cut in some new single track that he’s got mapped out in his head…somehow I don’t think his doctors would of approved!

  2. David & Karen Ramsay

    We hope Marty has fully recovered . We met early morn on Grand Final day at Gloucester & he pointed us in the right direction for a fantastic ride over Barrington tops to Barry Stn track & then via Walcha till we eventually camped at Glen Innis . One of the best Adventure rides we’ve had, though we did miss the Footy!
    We do a fair bit of Dualsport riding all over the Nth Coast so hope to catch up somewhere again one day.
    All the best, David & Karen.

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