Blog: March 17. A quickie

IMG_1467I’m in the middle of a tough run of work, so this is just a quickie to say hi and save you all sending e-mails asking where’s my blog this week.

On Saturday morning I took the Dominator for a run to The Pines picnic area near Scott’s Head. What a great spot! It meant a little bitumen to get to the start of the forest road, but it was well worth it.

A couple of mates have bought new bikes in the last week or so, and I used the ride to go say hello.

First up was Alan Anderson, a mate of many decades. We’ve know each other a very long time, and Al’s been riding longer than me. He was riding motocross and enduro when I was still dribbling around breaking collarbones on my ’78 KL250. Coincidentally, he’s a mate of Gav Gill’s.

Al’s been on an XR400 for quite a while, but last week grabbed himself a new Sertao. He lives down south, so we teed up to meet at the Port MacDonald’s as a christening ride for the Beemer. Because I’m so frigging busy we didn’t get to tackle any dirt, but we will as soon as we can both get the same day off.

I also dropped in on Graham Whipp, who’s ridden with us a couple of times on one-day challenges and so forth. He’s just grabbed himself an absolutely immaculate 1200GS. I stopped in for a coffee and was able to sit in his lounge and look at the bike, because that’s where he keeps it. The Terra is at one end of the loungeroom, and the Beemer is now at the other (replacing the Ducati that was there last week).

This coming weekend is the Brisbane Moto Expo, so there’ll be no riding for me, then I have to work again the following weekend.

Marty H has sent a heap of pics which I’ll post as soon as I get a second free. I’m hoping there’s a story in there somewhere as well.


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