A Marty H story

2Craig’s ride

After finishing work Saturday morning I was greeted with the message that Craig was keen to go for a quick blast north into some traction. It’s been wet and he wanted to give the clay around home the slip as he still had road tyres on.

So Sherwood Forest was the destination, and we even decided to ride through Coffs to miss the slippery bits, but after five minutes of highway I was getting twitchy and the hills looked dryish in the sun off to our west.


Before we knew it the DRs were headed west on England’s Road. “Craig will be right,” I thought to myself as we hit the clay and started to climb, and he was a blocked jet barely slowing progress as he whipped the offending jet out and back in quickly, not even letting his bike cool.

Down the other side of the ridge some single track beckoned, but Craig decided bogholes and steep banks wasn’t in fitting with our ride so we retreated around a boghole and through single and broke out onto Mt Brown Rd  and following the rail line west and back onto Coramba Rd.

Now only problem was that my get off the Highway quick plan had us on the wrong side of the range and reluctant to ride the seven odd kilometres into Coramba was reinforced when a bunch of muddy enduro bikes burst out of Poperaperan Creek Rd our fate was sealed.

Knowing that anywhere an enduro bike can go so can a DR with limited tyres Craig would be right as we powered through bogholes and started to climb. Morbid trail is under power lines and gets plenty of sun so it was even more dryish than the other areas and we both powered up after stopping for a few photos.

Rut and roll

We skipped this section

We skipped this section

A short trip up to the top of Mt Coramba provided great views overlooking the ocean and basking in the sun.

After luring Craig into a false sense of security by skipping the shortcut off Mt Coramba.

We rode back a short way down the RD and a promising track dropped off to the west, perfect I thought and down we went and down and the ruts got bigger and meaner. Assisted by gravity we poked, slithered and bounced our way down relieved it went through we stuck to more established trails for a while only venturing the most irresistible single on the side.

All this adventure was getting us hungry so we broke for Nana glen for burgers and rolls.


Suitably refreshed we were soon back following the ridges overlooking Glen Ray [that’s ray not Innes feeling a bit funny about writing a ride review that doesn’t get out of pottsy backy

After the lookout the track deteriorated nicely and become loose and rough, great fun. We stopped and played in some sandy streams, found some rocks to ‘TRAILS ‘ over and enjoyed it so much at the end we turned around and did it again.

Craig plays TRAILS jump the creek

Craig plays TRAILS jump the creek

Craig spotted another trail that headed to the north which he thought would go to lookouts and they did not disappoint. Nice windy trails lead to a lookout with large slabs of rock to park your bike onto for photos.

Craig throws himself into photo shoots

Craig throws himself into photo shoots

Homewood bound?

DR KING OF THE HILL and where’s Craig

DR KING OF THE HILL and where’s Craig?

With the general theme of the ride was plenty of fuel, ride wherever but maybe I should have payed more attention on the way home. With singletrack everywhere and lots of inviting trails I stopped caring and was having fun but must admit to being a bit surprised when we popped out near Whoopi.

With a little care and less single we were soon back over Mt Coramba and home. The last slippery clay section finally bit Craig and after a bit of a laydown he limped home sore but happy.

2ookm of fun trailriding without leaving Pottsy’s backyard an afternoon well spent.

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