Blog: March 31. Another busy week

MiddleBrotherLookoutIt’s Sunday arvo and I’ve had a day at home. Yay. It’s something that’s been all too rare lately.

I had to work out at Mt Seaview (just near Ginger’s Creek) this weekend, and thanks to Chris Urquhart being such a nice bloke I was able to get all I needed done on Saturday morning. Chris stopped on his way through Coffs on Friday and we had a coffee and I got a heap of information then. All I had to do on Saturday was get some pics of the school he was instructing.

Chris Urquhart in action.

Chris Urquhart in action.

Seeing as I was down there I thought I’d try for one of the Adventure Challenge destinations that was nearby. The location was logged as “The Middle Brother Lookout”.

I went into Google Maps and it looked like it was just down the highway, through the centre of Laurieton, and bang. There it was.

Unfortunately, the Google Maps’ directions took me to a walking track that was gated, fenced and locked. The track I could see was underwater anyway, and the sign said the track went to North Brother Lookout.

I scooted back around through town to a road sign I’d seen for North Brother Lookout, wound on up there, and sure enough, it was gorgeous. But it was North Brother, not Middle Brother.

I remembered the old highway used to run through South Brother, Middle Brother and North Brother, so I went looking. I crossed the highway to Kendall and asked at the servo. The bloke was very knowledgeable. He pulled out a map and showed me where Middle brother was, but assured me there was no lookout there. There was a TV turret and a place where they used to launch hang gilders, but no lookout.

A TV turret and a hang-glider launch pad sounded exactly like the type of place that would make a good lookout, so I went to see what was there. Unfortunately, the bloke’s directions where a little involved and I ended up not far from the edge of the world, and it was flat as a tack, so I guessed the scent had gone cold.

I returned to the freeway and headed south. I’d ridden 200km to get there, so I wasn’t going to give up without exhausting every possibility.

Blow me down if Middle Brother didn’t pop up on the GPS as soon as I hit the freeway. It disappeared again just as fast as I rode south.

As I spun around to bring the marker up on the GPS again, it seemed it was actually spot on with a U-turn bay. I went in for a look, and sure enough, there was a dirt road climbing away from the back of the U-turn bay. So up I went to see a sign saying “Middle Brother National Park. I snapped a pic in case that was as close I got to a lookout.

IMG_1522 After a bit of ginning around and uncertainty I near nailed a sign pointing to a dubious-looking twin track and marked “Old Lookout”.


It was wet and overgrown to the shithouse, but there it was.

I really enjoyed the ride, even though it was largely bitumen. The finding of a difficult spot made it all worthwhile.

Earlier that morning I’d been at BMW school at Mt Seaview resort, and how that place isn’t a mecca for adventure riders astonishes me. It’s gorgeous, bike friendly, and within a short ride of places like Gingers Creek Roadhouse and the Taylor’s Arm Pub With No Beer. The riding on the property itself is awesome for everything from trials bikes to motocrossers. Yet I never hear of anyone much going there.

This just the road between the resort and where the riding is. What a place!

This is just the road between the resort and where the riding is. What a place!

The school was great. They always are. Watching those older guys with 30 years experience on road bikes learn that standing up is good, and that brake/throttle/clutch control is so important is amazing. At the start of the first day they can hardly make it down the driveway of the resort. By the afternoon of the second day they’re smashing creek crossings and hill climbs and talking about planning their first real adventure. It’s a fabulous and exciting atmosphere.

Being home today meant I could put the 125 back together. I’m really looking forward to doing a few races this year if I can. Craig Murcott has the bucket, so I’m hoping I can get a weekend free to give it a run sometime soon as well.

I’m probably dreaming. The way work has been lately I’m not likely to get another weekend free unless there’s a military coup or something.

Initial response to the Poker Run has been good, so I’d better organise SOME weekend time and grab Pottsy to get the thing set up. I’m looking forward to that one.

Another one I’m looking forward to is Dave and Karen Ramsay’s two-dayer. Dave e-mailled during the week to say they’re chasing it, so we should all be ready. There’s very few people as much fun to ride with as that pair, so imagine what they’ll be like as hosts. It’ll be cookietacular!

Ol’ mate Perry Gilsenan is setting up this year’s Scrapheap Rally and was on the e-mail early this week to say hello. If you’d like to meet a really great bunch of people and have a brilliant ride in the Nymboida area, have a look at Perry’s a top bloke and I always try and offer whatever support I can.

That’s me for today. You guys have been quiet this week. I hope you’re getting in some riding.



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  • Alec Whitelaw on April 9, 2014 at 3:37 am said:

    The Ramsey Two-day sounds good, where and when, what`s the contact?
    Pass my Email address, I don`t mind at all. Apart from trying to make good a dodgy builders work, my time is my own. That`s allowing for She who must be obeyed.

  • Dave on April 9, 2014 at 7:26 pm said:

    Bit of a setback with our overnighter. Karen’s Terra has developed some indigestion problems & could take some sorting out, especially since KTM devoured Husky. Even our local mob let the Huskies off the chain , due to the expensive demands placed on a small Dealership by KTM. Well may you laugh Orange people, World domination will hurt us all !!
    To Alec & others out there chomping at the bit, sorry but hopefully we’ll have the bike back late may, once we know what’s going on after Easter we can plan a weekend for June or July. Cheers.

  • marty on April 9, 2014 at 8:48 pm said:

    it’s not too late to come over, it’s nice and reliable over here, Vince might even be able to do a deal on that 800. Two nice shiny new DR’S, wouldn’t that be great.
    There is a easy link to VSM off my disc

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