The Scrapheap Challenge

September 19-21 is the Scrapheap Challenge, and I’m going to try and get up to Nymboida for at least a day to show support, and to check out some if the wild bikes and even wilder people.

Is anyone else heading up there? It’d be cool to get a group together to head up there. The ride to Nymboida alone makes it worthwhile, but the Scrapheap bikes can be pretty amazing as well.

Here’s some bikes from 2011.

Scrapheap2011_008 Scrapheap2011_056 Scrapheap2011_070 Scrapheap2011_076And here’s Pezza, a dead-set legend…





  1. sounds like a good enough excuse to ride to namboida to me , I’m in

  2. Yes I`m up for that! It sounds like a fun time.

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