Blog: April 14. Catch up.

Beech Lookout near Ebor. Easy to find, and a nice ride, especially approaching from Kempsey.

Beech Lookout near Ebor. Easy to find, and a nice ride, especially approaching from Kempsey.

I sold everyone short last week because I’d been away for a few days and had a hellish week to try and catch up. I haven’t really caught up, but it’s Sunday and I figure I can take a break for a few minutes to share a little time with riding friends.

I posted a few pics from the Touratech Travel ride, so you should have a good idea of how that went, but the details are a little interesting.

First, I made it to Melbourne on Thursday to meet Brendon Roberts (of Triumph importer PS Imports) and photographer Danny ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson. Brendon was a handy motocrosser when he was competing and Wilko’s a very capable rider. The plan was for the three of us to head from Melbourne CBD up to Bright via some backroads Brendon knew. With only three of us it was likely to be a fun, fast-moving posse.

Brendon Roberts of PS Importers. A nice bloke and very capable rider.

Brendon Roberts of PS Importers. A nice bloke and very capable rider.

Wilko. For an accountant he's a frigging amazing photographer.

Wilko. For an accountant he’s a frigging amazing photographer.

Wilko’s flight wasn’t due until the afternoon, so Brendon sticky-taped a map to the screen of Wilko’s bike and we lit out for an overnighter at Merrijig. We hoped to meet up with the owners of PS Importers, Steve and Mary Chiodo, incredibly nice folks, who live in the area.

It rained on the way up and was a tad foggy and cold in places. Brendon was on a 1200 Explorer, and that meant I could almost keep him in sight seeing as I was on an 800 (a sensational bike). We slipped and slithered our way through several greasy roads and coffee stops until we hit the overnighter and Wilko arrived soon after.

We headed off Friday morning into more fog and rain and met up with Glenn ‘Huffy’ Hough at Whitfield. Huffy had his new BMW F 800 GS. Seeing as he was now on a BMW I shouted him a latte and he managed to knock it over so it went all over creation. We thought we should leave quickly before any questions were asked.

From left: Huffy, Brendon and Wilko, wondering how to explain the latte splattered all over creation.

From left: Huffy, Brendon and Wilko, wondering how to explain the latte splattered on the coffee shop walls.

Huffy is an ex-world champ speedway rider, so the rain and slippery clay didn’t bother him much. Wilko and I held on to the front two as best we could, stopping here and there so Wilko so bang off some of his amazing photographs. Seriously, for a guy who’s a full-time accountant his photography is amazing. Even if he were a full-time photographer his photography would be amazing.

A mono on tractionless, wet clay? Huffy'll give it a crack.

A mono on tractionless, wet clay? Huffy’ll give it a crack.

Friday arvo got us into Bright and Huffy took us on a lap of the next day’s ride before dinner, and then everything kicked off.

The Touratech Travel event was a cracker, but I cocked up my flights back and lost a day.

So that was last week.

This week just gone was a mad scramble to try and get back on the pace with work.

On Saturday morning (yesterday) I was all set to go out on the 125 again – I badly need the practice on a bike without soft-rider luxuries – but it was so sunny and fabulous I couldn’t help myself. I wimped out and jumped on the Dominator to pick off another Challenge site. I had the most leisurely run up to Beech Lookout, just past Ebor. The bike felt like it was hardly moving after a few days on thethree-cylinder Tiger, but I settled back into the single-cylinder 30hp eventually and had a great morning. I stopped in to see Ozzo in Dorrigo, but he wasn’t home.

That pretty much brings everyone up to date.

In case anyone’s interested, the boss has announced that we – he and I – are doing a run to the snow this winter and has thrown it open to all comers. If freezing your ‘nads off and having snot frozen to your face is your idea of a good time, you’re welcome to come along. I’ll let you know the dates when he posts them (it seems to be the only way I find out about things from work).

Easter and ANZAC Day are about to punch a huge hole in everything, so the next couple of weeks are going to be shithouse for work, I expect.

Is anyone else astonished that ANZAC day marks a year since the Cameron Corner Caper? Or is that just me?

Speaking of the Caper, Gav is with a crew at the World Trials Championships in Maldon, Victoria. I’ve been following it on Facebook and was ecstatic to see Fujigas won the first round! Yee-hah! I’m going to run around the yard waving my Fujigas-autographed Repsol trials jersey. I hope he does well again today.

The Poker Run is getting closer and I’ve done cock-all. I’ll phone Pottsy this week and see if we can get stuck into it.

There’s a story here from Karen, and as usual, it’s a crack-up. I’ll get it posted ASAP. I’ve had it for a few days, and I apologise for not posting it sooner.

That’s it for now.



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