Blog April 21: Easter.

Yo everyone.

It’s Easter Sunday as I write this, a beautiful sunny day. Anyone with half a brain would be out riding today if they could.

I’ve been away working for a couple of days, and I’m knackered. No riding for me today.

Fortunately, Craig Murcott and I stole a couple of hours to take the 2014 Triumph 800XC Tiger for a couple of pics during the week, and I used it as a camera bike on a run down to ride the 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure on a different day, so I don’t really have a whole lot to complain about.

TriumphTiger800XC053The BMW is a freakishly good. Frickin’ amazing. I don’t understand how anyone could ride it and not just frantically start writing cheques and demanding to take the bike away.

Having said that, it’s not the bike for me. It would be if I could have the luxury of a big adventurer for rides where it would suit, and then a smaller, lighter bike for times that was more appropriate. If I were forced to choose just one bike for me for all purposes, I think the sheer physical size of the BMW would probably cross it off my list. It is unbelievably, impossibly good though. What a ride. Phwoar.

BMWR1200GSDetails021The Triumph would have to be on that list of ‘one bike for me’. This new one has ABS, and I have mixed feelings about that, but the motor and the size of the bike make it one of the best two or three 50/50 road/trail bikes I could think of.

Enough slapping on about work. Where are we up to?

Karen and Dave Ramsay sent a text with a pic from The Governor at Mt Kaputar, so they’re obviously out enjoying the Easter break (especially Karen, because she’s on Darcy’s Dominator). I bumped into a very old friend in Maclean yesterday. Alan Anderson was styling around on his new BMW Sertao, and so far he’s very happy with the bike. Whippy left a phone message in case I was keen for a ride today or tomorrow, and Pottsy’s had a couple of injuries, but has punted the idea of driving around one of the poker run loops tomorrow arvo. That Pottsy can drive around it says it’s probably going to be ideal for everyone.

We’ll see how things progress to see where I end up. Right now it’s feeling like I’ll end up sleeping the whole day (that’d suit me).

The APC Rally is coming up in May, and I’m not sure of my commitment there yet. Originally I was being sent to do the whole rally for work. The ride goes 14 days, and I never thought I’d be allowed to be away from desk, and sure enough, that’s how it’s worked out. The new plan is for me to ride ‘a day or two’. I don’t know which days I’ll be doing, but it’s very likely I’ll flit around the Dorrigo/Bellingen/Kem[sey areas to grab a swag of pics. If that’s the case, and it’s a weekend, I’ll let you all know. If we could get a group up to go and have a look at the rally, that’d be interesting for everyone, I think.

That’s all I have for this week. I think I’ll have a little lay down.




  1. Ok I have route sheeted the federal loop, 118 kms, all dualsport bike will love it , it was almost like riding it even though I drove it – seeing as I drive a pathfinder, perfect car for the job

  2. Hi Tom
    I would like to join the Group you speak of for the APC, to have “just a look”, to see how the Big Boys play the game.

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