Karen Ramsay at the Inverell Motorcycle Restorer’s Rally

Here’s a few pics from the Inverell Motorcycle Restorer’s rally ride to Emmaville.

Dave and I rode up with Craig H to Tenterfield via Rocky River. Despite a few washouts, the road was pretty good overall and it was great to see the countryside greening up. Craig left us at Tenterfield so we took the tar to Emmaville. Over 200 bikes were registered for the day. They really did range from the sublime to the amazing.

It was lovely to see Ray from Coffs there on his Ducati. We also ran into a neighbour who was there on his MZ. As you know, females don’t really talk about bikes, so I can’t give you any other details other than it’s a blue one.

We caught up with Col of Scrapheap fame, Gil, another Scrapheaper, and Knight on a shining KLR.
We rode home via Pyes Creek Road and Lindrock Road (Basket Swamp), getting caught in a storm as we got to Mallanganee. We were only slightly concerned by the torrential, horizontal rain and driving wind…however the lightning strikes either side were something else all together.

Dave is hoping to do the overnighter staying in a pub 31st May or 14th July depending on interest.

Karen R

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