Blog: April 28. The Poker Run takes shape

This week makes up for all the times I’m late. It’s only Friday arvo and here I am.

Can anyone else believe it was a year ago today we headed off on the Cameron Corner Caper? It’s been a fast year.

Of course today is a public holiday, but I’m at my desk trying to catch up on work. This morning, though, Pottsy took me for a lap around ‘the southern loop’ he has set aside for the Poker Run. It’s a piss-cutter. It’ll take around two hours – riding sensibly and stopping to enjoy the various views – and I make it about 140km. There’s a lot of bitumen, and there’s nothing terrifying about the off-road sections, so I reckon Pottsy’s got it about right. The big BMWs and KTMs will enjoy the loop without being spooked. The novices and out-and-out sightseers will enjoy it even more. The fast guys will go like cut snakes no matter how much we plead with them to be careful, so they’ll enjoy themselves, too.

There’s even a few coffee shops here and there, so that’s a big relief.

In an amazing out-of-character moment, I even have the awards here already! They’re no big deal, but there are little mementos for the best hand and so forth. I often say I’ll do that, and then don’t do it for ages. This time it’s done…almost. They’re here, at least.

Here’s a few happy snaps from today’s loop…

PokerRun007 PokerRun009 PokerRun006 PokerRun002 PokerRun018I didn’t bother shooting any of the bitumen, because we all pretty much know what bitumen looks like, but Pottsy has found some really winding, scenic roads – skinny little buggers, some of them – and I’m pretty sure everyone will enjoy them.

Because of the length of the loop we’ve decided it’ll be a two-carder. In other words, doing this loop will get you two cards towards your poker hand. The day will be a short one as far as daylight goes, so we’re expecting most riders to be able to get one lap of each loop to make the day. There’ll be two two-carders and one single-carder, and possibly a ring-in we’re working on.

That’ll do for this week. If I think of anything else I’ll chuck it in later – seeing as it’s only Friday arvo.

There’s a MotoGP Monday morning, by the way.


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  1. 3am Monday morning for the main race, so don’t sleep in now.

    Midnight for the Moto3 and 1.20 am for the Moto2, if you’re keen.

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