Matt and Chris Foster’s Dust Buster Easter Ride

DSCF0399The Tiger was hungry, and overdue, for a feed of dirt roads and the aging Dust Rat (DR650) was about to click over 80,000kms and 10 years – and still wasn’t run in.

We headed off from Bellingen on Saturday mid-morning with the destination being the Mann River, Dalmorton.
We made our way via Dorrigo, Megan, Cascade and Platypus Flats, where we ran into Nigel Locke and his single-track crew taking  a break. After a quick chat we pushed on to Dundaraben, Sheep Station Creek, the Guy Fawkes National Park and finally arrived at Dalmorton, setting up tents next to Charles (Sparticus) and Ashley’s Work & Play camper and KTM 525s.

Firewood was collected and our share of the houseworkdone while Ashley cooked us all up a fantastic meal . As the night went on the usual bullshit chatter took place around the campfire and the sound of the river flowing near by was a relaxing sound.

Sunday morning we woke to a refreshing chill and more firewood collecting, while Sparticus cooked us up bacon and eggs in the jaffle iron. What a great way to start the day. The jaffles were washed down with hot tea.
Chris and I packed up and fledged for Glen Innes via more dirt roads, passing threw the tunnel were the Staintune on the Dust Rat barked and backfired. They were beautiful sounds, and the kids standing in the tunnel screamed with delight. A wallaby tried to kiss Chris on the cheek as he rode through the tunnel, but its timing was out and the Tiger brushed it off.

A refuel of food and fuel at Glen Innes and then we backtracked to a dirt road and Wards Mistake and Aberfoyle. We had a quick chat with a local farmer who told us to follow the road and signs and have fun.
And that we did.
We dodged kangas, cattle and bullbars of out-of-control plastic 4WDs on this trip.
The highway patrol was waiting for us at Ebor, but being locals we knew there was a 100% chance they would be there . We disappointed Plod, and weren’t his customers that day. Others weren’t so lucky.
We arrived back in Bellingen at 6.00pm.

* Mt Hyland Lookout, and
* Tommy’s Lookout
Check them out for yourself.

DSCF0398It was a fantastic weekend, incident-free and  a lot of fun meeting with some great characters along the way.
I hope you all enjoy the read



  1. Sweet.
    Now tell us about the christmas new year run.

  2. Relax relax and chill mick61 the photos from both cameras are now all together.jjust got to get the words and photos to match up and it’s ready.
    If the story is any good it will be worth waiting for.
    Chris and I don’t want to disappoint the readers on this website.
    Great things come to those who wait and wait and wait.

    And congrates on joining the DR family,years of trouble free riding is ahead of you.


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