Craig Wilson’s Moonan Flat ride

I got an invite for a mid week Adventure ride with Mean Dean and Gibbo. The idea was simple, take Marty H’s new Dualsport Australia disc and ride the Moonan flat loop. Now many of us have purchased these discs off Marty H but I am not sure how many of us have actually gone out and used it. We started off at Gibbo’s bar after work and went about loading the data from the disc onto Dean’s Garmin GPS. We had a few technical issues but after a call to Marty H and his son Tom, we were all over it, all routes loaded for the trip and as a backup Gibbo printed off trip notes from the disc also.

So Wednesday came and we left Bonville at 7am ‘road toading’ it down to Taylors Arm, where we planned on picking up the trail from the Disc. Smooth flowing dirt and we were in Willawarrin in no time flat. From here we took the Western Route to Gingers Creek which crossed Spokes Trail. This would have been the most technical trail of the whole trip, only because it was so wet and there were pockets of slippery clay and mulch everywhere. Me being the slowest rider of the three meant that it was steady progress, until we came out the other end to more open and faster trails all the way Gingers Creek. The highlight of this leg was the Cells Road which wound its way along the creek bed. We had lunch at Gingers Creek Servo, filled the bikes and chatted to a couple of road riders.

CWPic05After lunch we took the Western loop from Gingers Creek to Gloucester which was beautiful windy trails through open farm country the odd gate to open and close and some awesome views.

We arrived in Gloucester about 3pm and booked into our accommodation at the pub then straight to the bar for a couple of beers.

We decided for a walk down the main street before dinner then plenty more beers. The food was great but by 8pm I was stuffed and retired to bed. Apparently the dancing girls came out just after I went to bed.


Next morning up nice and early, breaky at a great little cafe in the main street and filled the bikes ready for another days riding. The big KTM 990 was using twice the fuel of the F800 and the Kato 690, but Gibbo said it was “twice the bike, why wouldn’t it use more?”

This was the part of the trip we were looking forward to and we decided to do the western side out to Moonan Flat rather than the Eastern side back to Gloucester. The Western loop started out through beautiful farming valleys with the trail snaking its way through. This was some of the best riding I have ever done, the trail than started to climb quite steeply to a lesser used trail until we came out onto the plateau at the top. From here the trail opened up into fast flowing dirt across the top with plenty of wildlife, the odd farmhouse and an awesome high speed water splash. From here the road wound down the other side onto the main road and to Moonan Flats’ awesome little pub with accommodation but no fuel, ‘Gibbo you will have to nurse the big girl back to Gloucester’.


We then took the Eastern loop back to Gloucester which wound its way through Barrington Tops National Park. We crossed through the snow gates, which are seasonally closed, and it was a top blast on good wide dirt roads with plenty of picnic areas and lookouts along the way. We eventually wound our way down the mountain and back to Gloucester for a late lunch. From here I ‘road toaded’ it down the highway home as I had to work the next day. Gibbo and Dean stayed the night at Wauchope and got home the next day, you will have to hit Dean up for a report on the second half of the trip.

Now I know you are asking yourself, how good is the Disc? Well I can say that it’s awesome!

Marty H has done all the hard work, all you have to do is purchase the disc, get a crew and get out for some amazing Dualsport riding. Marty H is working on the second Disc now and I for one will be waiting for the first copy to come off the production line!

P.S. I forgot to mention, there was a small error in the trip notes…(Gibbo was proud to have found it)…and last I heard there was a minor dispute about a $30 refund.


  1. pmsl good luck with the refund Gibbo. Well done Craig, great report, Karen & I rode some of that loop 2 weeks ago an we’ll be back for more !!

  2. trouble is after discussing refund Gibbo is now missing most of a bottle of bourbon and still no refund, but i’m happy to come back over and redisguss the issue over a few drinks.

  3. Lol Wilso great job mate and to any body out there wanting to see some the most awesome country side and great riding buy the disc and get out there and if you have the disc you have no excuses but to ride well done Marty i had no problem with the gps just have the gps set closer to ground level some roads run very close together looking forward to disc two for half price lol

  4. Good job Wilso,those photos make me want to go again it’s great riding around Gloucester & Moonan Flat.Although I did see on the news it was snowing on Sunday at the Barrington Tops so maybe wait for that to thaw out?

  5. Good job Wilso,those photos make me want to go again it’s great riding around Gloucester & Moonan Flat.Although I did see on the news it was snowing on Sunday at the Barrington Tops so maybe wait for that to thaw out?

  6. By the way marty h don’t worry about the refund, I’d rather keep the bar full & have some peace thanks.

  7. Good reporting onesie, I took a group down that way a few weeks ago on our way to the World Trials Championships.I didn,t get a chance to stop for photo,s so it was great to see yours.Next time your go to Barrington tops take Bowman Creek Rd & Mud Hut Road .These come out at the climb up to the tops & are great fun ride.

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