7 May, 2014: Poker Run update from Pottsy

Pottsy03So at the weekend I ran the northern loop for the Poker Run , and it’s going to be a cracker. Something for everyone.

It is going to be a bit more technical than the southern loop, but nothing like Marty’s loop of doom! My car can still drive it in two-wheel drive, and the route goes past a few old mining tunnels, so those so inclined can bring a torch to explore. There’s one nice creek crossing to test your fear of water in your boots, plus some great views over the mountains Coffs is famous for. The only negative of the day is the short loop I set is now being logged and they’ve closed that part of the forest, so I’ll have to do another short loop, but it’ll be easy as there are so many great places close to town.

Marty’s loop is looking like a pearler, so all up it’s all taking shape to be a great day out.  Let’s pray to the weather gods for a sunny day hope we get a good turnout of bikes.



Pottsy02 Pottsy01

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