Blog: May 12. The Dominator is in the shed

Hey everyone!

I’m in a good mood this arvo. I’ve just had one of those rare weekends with no work. None. Not even answering e-mails. I shut down the work computer on Friday arvo and it’s still sitting there closed.

In a weird twist, I didn’t go riding on this free weekend. I caught up on a heap of things that have been postponed because of work.

First up was my little KH100 bucket racer.

IMG_0344Craig Murcott had done some fabulous fabrication to bring it up to spec for 2014 (not shown in this pic). After it wouldn’t run I dropped it to Dan Vaughan who sorted out the blocked jets, stale fuel and crudded-up points. It was running like a dream when I picked it up. I rode it for maybe a few hundred metres just for the joy of it, then set about changing the gearbox oil and tidying up some loose wiring that was flapping around like a cock in a gumboot.

I put the seat and tank back on, and now there’s no spark again.

Bugger. Back to Dan it goes. Maybe I should do something about those scruffy, three-year-old numbers, too.

While I was Sydney last week Craig M dropped in and grabbed the footpegs from the Dominator. Craig had built the ‘pegs in the first place, and I loved them. But, being a complete slapper on a bike, I slammed one of them into a tree stump and it got a bit squashed. It was still ridable, and I didn’t say anything about it, but Craig saw it and took the pair to rebuild them.

IMG_1605They were gorgeous before, but now they’re amazingly strong works of art. Craig’s fabrication is brilliant. That skinny length in the centre is the original footpeg. It had a rubber insert that screwed in there. They were comfortable on the road, but fairly impractical for every other type of riding. Craig built the new ‘pegs from the old ones.

But now the fairing’s splitting.

IMG_1606Craig’s going to try and repair the aging plastic, and maybe spruce up the paint a bit.

In order to not make that split any worse, I’ve parked the bike. Fortunately, the KLR650 – owned by work – will be here next week.

SAM_0148I’ll head down to Sydney this week, grab the bike, follow the APC Rally for a couple of days with some cameras, then bring it back here to give to Vince Strang for some assessment. Between getting it back here and Vince arriving back from the desert in June sometime, I’ll have the KLR, so the Dominator can have a rest.

The KLR is a great bike and I’m really looking forward to it. I met a Kempsey KLR rider, Alec Whitelaw, who’s just bought himself a newie and is busting for a ride, so I got on to Jonah, and as soon as he’s finished moving house we’re heading out for a day on the Kwakas. Anything with Jonah involved will be a ton of fun, and Alec looks to have a pretty good sense of humour, so I’m looking forward to it.

There’s not much more for me to waffle on with this week. The Poker Run is well under way. Marty’s done his loop (and blogged some images and a description), Pottsy’s got his loops well under control, and everything looks good. That’s the next thing on the calendar, and I reckon it’ll be a great day.


PS: The blog will be late next week. I don’t expect to have access to the web for a few days. TF



  1. Poker run update, the northern loop is almost done, but it is a tiny bit more technical, still nothing like Marty’s loop – my car drove around it in 2wd, but I. Going to do an easier loop parallel, that skirts a few pieces so there is no excuses for everyone not to have fun – and well I seem to enjoy making more work for myself, the word is out and there should be a few bikes from out of the immediate area so it is looking good

  2. Hey Potsy and Tom, just a big thankyou for the effort you guys are making to make the poker run a great day,it’s this sort of passion that makes dual sport riding so great.
    Cheers Dean

  3. I forgot Marty ,thank you to mate how could I forget you lol

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