Blog: May 19. Home early.

_MG_3949Morning all!

I’m in a good mood…for now. I’ll be as cranky as a 990 owner with a blocked tea-bag filter by about 10.00am, probably.

I’ve been trailling my boss and a couple of his mates through the start of the APC Rally. I drove down to Wisemans Ferry – which turned out to be a bit of an adventure in itslef, becuase I got lost on the way – found the office KLR waiting, chucked some gear in the Pannierz and lit out after them.

There were more unknowns than I would like on a ride like this one, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I knew nothing about the bike except it’d left my boss stranded the only time he’d ridden it. He had to be towed 65km through the rain to get back to his trailer. I smirked about it at the time, but this was the next ride for the supposedly repaired bike, and I was not keen to have it die along the Dargo High Plains Road.

So that was the first thing.

Then there was a problem with my GPS.

To be truthful, my GPS was fine. There was a problem with the power supply from the bike, and you can bet that had me gritting my teeth and thinking, “Hmm…”.

Still, it was an adventure ride and I was committed to it. There was no point in pissing about. I packed up, hit the starter and smiled as the motor fired into life and sounded as tight as a drum. It really had a good feeling about it.

By the time I’d fiddled with levers and pulled my gloves on, I clicked the thing into gear and looked up to find…nothing. Everyone had gone.

So I had no GPS and the rest of the group had gone. Goody.

I manged to catch them up and spent the rest of the day chasing along, grabbing a few pics and becoming more and more confident with the bike. It’s not perfect, but mechanically it feels really good. The motor’s strong and purrs. I flogged it, lugged it and thrashed it down some bitumen sections and it just felt totally willing. With a little attention to the gearing it’ll be a snorter. The suspension feels in good nick. The action is good, but it’s still a tad softer than suits me, and there’s some other tuning I’ll do, but the bike itself is a ball-tearer.

After 600km from Wismens Ferry to Murrumbateman I was pretty happy with the KLR’s reliability and I thought I had the pics I needed, so rather than continue on for another day or two down through Dargo and into Victoria – which would give me a 10-hour ride back to the van at Wisemans Ferry – I left before dawn yesterday morning (Sunday) and belted up the Hume. With the taller gearing and soft suspension the KLR was absolutely at home. It could be ridden like that for days and days at a time, I reckon. It’s so smooth and comfortable.

So here I am back at my desk and ready for work!

Hang on…maybe I didn’t think that through…

Whatever. Here I am.

Now. The last week was a little quiet on the riding front. Craig Murcott is taking the Dominator this week to have a look at the split fairing, and I still have another day with the APC people when they come through Ebor and on up to the convict tunnel.

Until I catch up with what’s on my desk here, that’s about all I have to report.


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