Poker run: June 21.


Gav Gill was just on the phone saying it was hard to find any details on the Poker Run.

Here we go:

When: JUNE 21. 8.30am

Where: Macca’s, south Coffs


That’s it, really. No entry fees, no paperwork or nonsense. I have some goofy little prizes, but nothing to get excited about.

After the ride Craig ‘Onesie’ Wilson is offering a firepit and barbeque at his joint.

That should rage, and everyone can tell stories about how great they were on the ride. Craig lives just around the corner from Macca’s.

Please hit ‘comment’ and leave a message here if you’d like to go to Craig’s,
just so he has an idea of how many people he’s expecting (and whether he should get the Onesie on again).

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  • Dave on May 30, 2014 at 7:53 pm said:

    Hey Wilbur, you know we’ll be there with party lights flashing. However if you wear that Onesie again we may need to have ourselves a deer shoot ! Think you’ve started something out west since longest day at Inverell. We saw a mob of critters out the front of the Top pub at Uralla friday night then half the crowd plus all bar staff at Narrabri on sat night.

  • Ian Miller on June 11, 2014 at 11:39 pm said:

    G’day Coffs Crew. Pottsy has invited us up for the ride, but we were wondering if there’s any chance we could throw our swags down in Craigs shed. 2 maybe three blokes. If not no dramas. Cheers and looking forward to it.

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