Marty H’s weekend ride

BarrabaNSW69No pics and not really a ride report ether except to say a big thanks to
Phil and Trev who have cleared a 170km loop of mostly singletrack and put on
a great ride. Fast crew: Doc, Schoie, Nick and Mick, plus a poor guy on a WR
who was out of his depth and melted down out the back of The Horseshoe.
After a while we got him up the hill and pointed him in the right direction.

Having to stand up and work the DR  just to keep up took its toll, and after
chasing mostly a gaggle of KTMs I was starting to get tired. Thankfully I’d
taken the screen off. I ended up endoing over a  singletrack bank down to
the road, just jumping clear of an angry DR trying to discourage me from
taking her enduro riding again. After the last new section I wimped out and
found a more dualsport ride home.

Unfortunately some ruts in the grass caught Schoie’s front wheel late into the
ride and he got a free trip to the hospital. By the amount of pain he was in there was
something broken in shoulder region.



  1. Schoies alright, dislocated shoulder has been put back in and a bit of a holiday off work and he will be going hard again

  2. You look a bit hungry in that photo Marty! Is that all yours?

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