The Joker loop

PokerRunJokerLoopMarty H has sent in some info on the Joker loop for the Poker run.

Just a reminder how this loop will work.

Every loop a rider completes earns a playing card (or maybe two, depending on time). After five loops every rider will have a poker hand. The loops are true dualsport riding, with plenty of scenic bitumen and the rest open dirt roads. Pottsy set the loops in his car, so they’re genuine dualsporters.

But for those who want a challenge, Marty H has set a single, 30-minute loop that will have riders loading their jocks. For the guys on the smaller bikes, and for the competent riders, it’ll be a challenge, but not ridiculous. This is the ‘Joker’ loop.

Anyone who chooses to ride the Joker Loop earns a joker – a wildcard – in their poker hand. This, of course, gives them a huge advantage in the running for the tastefully decorative Winning Hand Touratech cup at the end of the day.

Riders can do the Joker loop as often as they like, but they can only receive one joker.

Here’s the route sheet and what Marty offers about the Joker loop…


JOKER LOOP 30km. Time approximately 30min to one hour depending on the weather, fun on a 650 if it’s dry, challenging if it’s wet.

It’ll be a challenge in the dry on a big bike, and there’s a steepish downhill only recommended for the very competent. It’ll be scary if it’s wet, and not suitable for big bikes.

Shortcuts are allowed. As long as you go up England’s Road and down Eagle the loop counts.

Here’s the link to GoogleMaps:

0.0km Head northeast on Kiddell Pl toward Collison Pl

0.2km Turn right onto Collison Pl

0.3km Turn left onto Isles Drive

1.1km Turn right onto Englands Rd

3.9km Turn right onto Gum Flat Rd

5.2km drain behind whoop, clay slippery when wet ahead

5.9km continue straight [slightly right]

7.0km turn right top of ridge NBN è WRITTEN ON TREE

8.7km turn left downhill AND OVER HOLEY BRIDGE clay slippery

10.0km left around puddle [optional] BEFORE WRECKED CAR clay slippery when wet

11.6km left onto MT Brown Rd and reset

MT Brown Rd

0.0km MT Brown Rd

3.0km Turn left onto South Island Loop

4.1km Slight left onto Fridays Creek Rd down hill

7.9km turn right to stay on Friday creek Rd at farm

8.4km stay on Friday creek rd do not turn up tower rd

9.0km turn left before bridge with white rails [ toward six trail ]

9.5km turn left onto six trail and cross creek ,grassy ,overgrown but short section [slow log]

9.9km turn left onto ridge trail WATCH FOR RUTS AROUND CORNER

10.6km left down Tower Rd toward eagle trail OR STRAIGHT AHEAD 500M TO SEE TOWER

10.9km right toward eagle trail

11.2 slight left jumps down hill

11.7km right onto eagle trail bullet holed sign on tree slow steep

12.2km steep loose downhill slow followed by steep clay downhill slippery when damp/wet

13.0km Turn left onto Wedds Rd

14.0km Turn right onto Middle Boambee Rd

15.2km Turn left onto Lindsay’s Rd

16.6km Turn left onto Pacific Hwy

18km straight through roundabout

18.4km Turn left into MacDonald’s


Marty’s also sent the GPX file for loading onto a GPS. If you want that file, please e-mail me and I’ll send it.

I’m thinking of maybe riding one of the loops this Saturday morning. If anyone wants to tag along, give me a shout and we’ll meet at Maccas and give it a whirl.



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