Pottsy’s long weekend ride

mal durie 1st ride 014So with an unbelievably clear, sunny day only one other rider joined me on the Monday of the long weekend. It was one of my main riding buddies from years ago, Mal, who I’ve ridden everywhere from here on the north coast to the high country in Victoria (although many years ago).

Mal was back on a bike again after several years off doing the family/work thing, and armed with a TTR250 he was as keen as ever to go play in the hills. After a run through Pine Creek State Forest following the Poker Run route it was into the hills behind Raleigh to Bellingen. Then we tried our best to get lost on the maze of tracks behind Valla. We didn’t care where we went, we just followed one roller coaster, leaf-mulch trail to the next. After a few hours we found ourselves on a trail that was familiar from many years ago, and yes, just like all those years ago, we played on Double Top hill climb trying to get up the slippery ledges. With excuses – learned from decades of bench racing – for why we couldn’t get up this little hill we followed more great, flowing trails back into Bellingen and back to Coffs just on dark.

We again showed our age as we bench raced about the ride for the next hour over a cup of tea instead of the usual cold beer as we would have years ago.

But the adventure-bike bug has bitten Mal and he’s now dedicated to building the TTR250 Adventure Bike From Hell. So when you see a blue TTR with a white Acerbis long-range tank riding around Coffs give him a wave.

It’ll be good to have a different bike with our group, especially a 250, and with Mal’s knowledge of the hills around Dorrigo it’s going to be some great riding in the near future.



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  1. Ok people, I have done some changes to the poker run loops after some comments and talking to people. The northern loop is now 2 shorter loops plus I added a short loop to the south as well. So that makes 4 loops plus Marty’s hard core loop, plenty of riding, tracks that everyone can handle coffee shops along the way so Tom can get a caffeine hit along the way, and with Craig’s bonfire Saturday night it is looking to be a cracker of a weekend, there is even a few kempsey boys coming up so it will be great to see a few new faces.

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