Blog: June16. The Poker Run is good to go.

The lookout on the north-east loop is a bottler.

The lookout on the northeast loop is a bottler.

After several committee meetings we’ve decided to offer shorter loops. Pottsy has done all the work, and he’s been out and set a few new loops. So now riders should be able to get five loops in the day.

That’s changed my view a bit.

Originally I was thinking everyone just ride as they can, and they’d get five cards at the end of the day anyway, and maybe we could make the long loops two-card loops. Now I reckon the challenge is to get five loops in the day. If you don’t get around five loops, you won’t have five cards.

So that’s the challenge.

A couple of the loops are quite short – okay, one of the short ones is terrifying – but the two new northern loops are premium dualsport riding. There’s no challenging hills or single track. There’s lots of bitumen and some fabulous scenery between stretches of well-maintained dirt road. The long southern loop is the same.

I rode the new northeast and northwest loops this morning, and even after getting lost (d’oh) was back at Macca’s at 12.15pm. Good riders might get five of those in a day, or they might choose to do the long southern loop and a few times around the short southern loop and a Wild Card loop.

Whatever. It’s achievable for everyone thanks to the short south loop, so it’s up to you how you manage your loops to get your five cards. If you don’t get five cards you won’t have a poker hand, and therefore can’t go in the running for the Best Hand cup…of course you’ll still be eligible for the other prizes.

I can’t think of any other way to make these route sheets available, so I’ll put them at the end of this post. You folks have to cut’n’paste them and print them out, then BRING THEM WITH YOU. They’re your navigation for the day.

For anyone who wants a really stress-free day, Vince Strang has awesome little route-sheet holders for about $35. I recommend you get one. I had the route sheets in a map pocket shoved inside my jacket, and that was a bit of a horse’s arse.

How you handle the route sheets is up to you, too. This is adventure riding, dammit! Take the challenge. Work something out.

Alrighty. Enough waffle.

See youse at the Macca’s carpark next Saturday morning at around 8.00am. Look for the van that seems like the CIA is conducting surveillance in the car park.







Starting at Macca’s south

0.2 TR

0.3 TR towards HWY

0.6 TL at traffic lights

3.3 TL at traffic lights – Combine St. Signpost ‘Coramba’

3.7 TR Azalea Av. (at shop)

4.3 TL West High St. SP ‘Coramba’.

4.8 SO at roundabout

5.5 SO past roundabout


Go through Coramba on main street


19.3 TL Eastern Dorrigo way. Signpost ‘Ulong – Lowanna’

20.4 TL Ridge Trail

24.9 TL onto tar road

26.9 TR Bella Spur Trail

32.3 Cross creek

32.6 TL under powerlines. ‘Battery Trail’

33.1 On a left hand corner. There’s old mine shaft on right hand side

33.7 SO

35.2 Veer Left

38.1 TR

39.4 TL onto main road (north) Nana Glen


Zero tripmeter


2.7 TR SP ‘Moonee 23’

4.5 TR Eastbank Rd

14.1 TL Eastbank Forest Road. SP ‘Bushfire Brigade’. Red sign – follow main trail straight

17.5 SO Eastbank Trail

19.3 TR MacNamara’s Trail


ZERO Tripmeter


0.6 TL veer left

4.0 TR

5.5 TR Coffs Harbour

12.6 SO

16.2 TR HWY Coffs harbour

24.9 U TURN at roundabout

25.3 VL veer left back to Macca’s



NORTH-EAST LOOP: 94.7km Probably over an hour, but a very nice loop.


Start at Macca’s car park


0.2 TR

0.3 TR

0.5 TL onto HWY north

9.8 TL Old Coast Road – just past overhead bridge

13.5 TL SP ‘to Mountain Way’

13.7 Go over bridge over HWY

13.8 TR

13.9 TR Solitary Islands Way – back under bridge

14.7 TL left at roundabout – Grafton

14.9 SO at roundabout – Gaudrons Way

16.9 TR Settlers Road

19.8 SO keep straight

20.4 VL stay on main road – veer left

21.9 TL follow main trail to the left

23.5 TL left onto tar road

25.3 TR Sherwood Road

27.6 VL veer left

32.9 VL veer left

35.8 TL Sherwood Road

41.6 VR veer right – straight ahead, watch for oncoming bikes

41.9 TL Sherwood Road

43.6 TL turn hardish left onto rocky trail

43.8 LOOKOUT Point


ZERO Tripmeter


Return the way you came. WATCH FOR ONCOMING BIKES!

0.2 TR

1.8 TR

2.1 TR Turn hard right

9.1 Over railway

14.0 TL turn left back over railway bridge

14.3 SO – this road is an 80KPH zone – watch your speed

19.8 TR Cottage Forest Road (sign is hard to see)

21.0 TL

22.2 VR keep right

23.1 SO straight on Cottage Forest Road

24.9 TL

25.0 TR Eastbank Trail

25.6 TL MacNamaras Trail


ZERO Tripmeter


0.6 VL veer left

4.0 TR

5.5 TR Coffs Harbour

12.6 SO straight on

16.2 TR HWY Coffs harbour

24.9 U-TURN at round-a-bout

25.3 VL veer left back to Macca’s







Leaving Macca’s carpark


TR 0.2

TL 0.3

TL 1.1

TR 1.3 At roundabout onto HWY south

VL 5.4 Veer left Bonnville

TR 5.8 At roundabout Bonnville – Pine Creek Way

SO 6.0 Straight on at roundabout Bonville

TR 10.1 Glennifer Road

TL 13.2 Just past sawmill: Gordon’s Road Pine Creek State Forest

VR 14.5 Veer right on main track

TL 16.0 Gordon’s Road

VL 17.8 Veer left

TL 18.3 Onto tar road over bridge

SO 20.2 Watch for oncoming bikes for next 200 meters

TL 21.1 Mailman’s Track

TL 23.4 At roundabout onto HWY Coffs Harbour

SO 36.7 Straight on at roundabout Coffs Harbour

VL 37.0 Veer left back to Macca’s



Starting at Macca’s carpark


THIS IS A LONG LOOP. UP TO TWO HOURS IF DON’T MESS ABOUT. Longer if you stop for coffees and chats.

0.2 TR

0.3 TL

1.0 TL at Bunnings towards highway

1.3 TR onto HWY heading south

10.3 Veer left Archville Station Road

10.7 TR at roundabout

10.9 SO at roundabout

11.2 TL at roundabout – Pine Creek Way – Repton

12.9 Veer right on side road past picnic area

13.3 TR hard right – Hunters Road

14.2 Veer right

15.0 TL Hunters Road

17.4 TR

17.6 TL Tower Road

18.4 SO Tower Road

20.5 TL Cabans Road

21.5 SO

21.9 Veer left

22.3 Veer right

23.6 TL onto tar road

25.1 TR towards bridge

25.5 TR at roundabout

28.3 TL Pacific HWY


Zero Trip meter


2.9 TL into Pilot St – just before Shell service station

3.7 TR Pilot St East – sign ‘Shopping centre’

4.0 TR Mango St

7.1 TR

9.5 TL onto HWY

16.1 TR into East West Road – just after speed camera

21.0 TR Sullivans Road

21.6 SO

21.8 TL

22.5 TR Avocado Road


Zero Tripmeter


1.0 Turn hard left onto Range Road

1.4 SO

2.3 TR Buckmans Road

3.2 Veer right

6.2 Veer left

6.6 TL onto Martells Road

8.3 TR follow road around to right

16.0 SO – give way at sign

18.7 TR South Arm Road

19.9 TL Old Brierfield Road

20.2 Veer right

20.7 TL follow road to left

22.4 Veer right onto main trail

22.6 Veer left

24.5 Veer right through Give Way sign

25.1 TL Bellingen

28.5 TR Valery


Zero Tripmeter


0.8 TL at roundabout

3.0 SO Roses Road

9.6 TL

11.6 SO over bridge

12.4 TR Promised Land Loop Road

16.5 TR before bridge – Tallowood Point Road

16.9 SO

17.5 Veer right

17.6 SO

18.4 SO Tallowood Point Road

19.9 SO

21.2 TR McMullens Road

24.2 TL onto tar road

24.9 SO

33.5 TL Coffs Harbour

37.6 TL roundabout onto HWY – Coffs Harbour

42.1 SO through roundabout

42.4 Veer left back to Macca’s




Pottsy’s Poker Run

JOKER LOOP 30km. Time approx. 30min to one hour depending on weather.


As long as you go up England’s Road and down Eagle it will count

0.0km Head northeast on Kiddell Pl toward Collison Pl

0.2km Turn right onto Collison Pl

0.3km Turn left onto Isles Drive

1.1km Turn right onto Englands Rd

3.9km Turn right onto Gum Flat Rd

5.2km drain behind whoop, clay slippery when wet ahead

5.9km continue straight [slightly right]

7.0km turn right top of ridge NBN è WRITTEN ON TREE

8.7km turn left downhill AND OVER HOLEY BRIDGE clay slippery

10.0km left around puddle [optional] BEFORE WRECKED CAR clay slippery when wet

11.6km left onto MT Brown Rd and reset

MT Brown Rd

0.0km MT Brown Rd

3.0km Turn left onto South Island Loop

4.1km Slight left onto Fridays Creek Rd down hill

7.9km turn right to stay on Friday creek Rd at farm

8.4km stay on Friday creek rd do not turn up tower rd

9.0km turn left before bridge with white rails [ toward six trail ]

9.5km turn left onto six trail and cross creek ,grassy ,overgrown but short section [slow log]

9.9km turn left onto ridge trail WATCH FOR RUTS AROUND CORNER

10.6km left down Tower Rd toward eagle trail OR STRAIGHT AHEAD 500M TO SEE TOWER

10.9km right toward eagle trail

11.2 slight left jumps down hill

11.7km right onto eagle trail bullet holed sign on tree slow steep

12.2km steep loose downhill slow followed by steep clay downhill slippery when damp/wet

13.0km Turn left onto Wedds Rd

14.0km Turn right onto Middle Boambee Rd

15.2km Turn left onto Lindsay’s Rd

16.6km Turn left onto Pacific Hwy

18km straight through roundabout

18.4km Turn left into MacDonald’s

Next loop

Joker loop only counts for one card regardless of how many times you ride around it

1 lap = 1 joker

5 laps = 1 joker

Please note shortcuts will be horrible, really bad; I’m not going in there to look for anyone



  1. Looking forward to this one 🙂

  2. Don’t suppose you hot any GPX files for these routes?

  3. “As long as you go up England’s Rd, and down Eagle it counts”. Sounds like you are Daring some poor soul to go up Koala and Steep and down Peak Trail. I could sell tickets to watch that on big bikes.

  4. I will have the phone on all day with the 4wd and plenty of recovery gear all ready. Just phone, payment will be allowing the photos to be posted, no good just those of us there laughing…..

  5. Me n Nick are heading down from Lismore. Nick is testing his xr 400 we’ve modded for the Great Australian Ride. Looking forward to a great day!

  6. Jonah i have emailed you the GPX for the joker loop. if anyone else wants it or a 60mm wide route sheet to fit holder with arrows for the joker section email me at

  7. route sheets are now ready in 60mm wide format to suit route sheet holder. E-mail me if you can’t wait for tom to post them

  8. ok I am going out this arvo – Thursday , and tomorrow putting up a few arrows on some corners in the bush for the poker run loops if anyone else wants to join me , buzz me – 0438 519 259 cheers

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