* You must download the route sheets from the DualSport Australia website. There won’t be any route sheets at the start.

* I will be on site at Macca’s south of Coffs from around 8.00am. I’ll be in the black van with the bike trailer on the back. If I’m not actually sitting there, be patient. I’ll be getting a coffee.

* My phone number is 0411 023 563. Put it in your phone. There’s no recovery service, but if you have a problem, phone me and I’ll try and get to you or get help to you. There’s no sweep or recovery vehicle with this ride, but I’ll do my best.

* KEEP LEFT AND STAY UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT. The weather looks like it’ll be fabulous, and it’ll be a Saturday. You’ll be sharing the public roads with mountain bikers, enduro riders, four-wheel-drivers, lunatics in rally cars, bushwalkers, flashers, native animals, Marty H and who knows what else. Bear that in mind and ride responsibly and safely.

* Cut off is 4.00pm. That’s plenty late enough. The best poker hand will be declared at that time. If you come in after that, you don’t get a card for that last loop and you’ll be late and everyone will point at you and snigger. Of course, you’ll have done more riding, so you’ll be able to snigger back at them.

* The winning hand is the winning hand. That’s all. If you reckon your hand is better because of some technicality, tough. There’ll be no-one who cares. Bring your sense of humour and a friendly outlook, or stay home.

* Riders can only get one wild card. After the first wild card, the Wild Card loop will earn ordinary playing cards.

See you all there. I hope it’s a great day.



  1. Thanks so much Potsy for sorting a awesome day, thanks to Tom for… i dunno just being there and thanks to everyone else for making my day awesome… even Marty Hardcore :p

    Missing you all already 🙂

  2. yes like-ways thanks pottsy and tom and the rain so I could escape with my mug
    there is more than onesie ways to get people to go home from a BBQ thanks craig and thanks for poor lighting.

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