A message from Cousin Matthew

CousinMatthewWhat a great day well done to all involved, the organisers and all the riders who took part. Chris and I had a ball and it was great fun having the Lismore boys tag along with us. I’m so glad I made the effort to travel down from Beenleigh especially for this event.

I received the HARD LUCK AWARD and except it with great honor for two reasons:

1. With the sun/glare/KTM dust in my eyes I made a wrong turn which had our team of four down to two and a little lost. With some help from Pottsy (thank,s mate!) we were back on track and one group again. And

2. With only 30 minutes to spare to get in another loop and a fourth card, Pottsy led us out to some fantastic forest trail which then turn into the mudhole from Hell. One slip of the back wheel and, as his photo will show, I was in deep. I did, however, have the smarts not to try and get it out on my own. The outcome, I think, would have been much different if I had.

Some people would say I shouldn’t be let loose anywhere near a mudhole without my training wheels and floaties on.

Thanks again everyone for a great day.

Matthew Foster

The Lismore Hondas looking real sharp (at the look out) Klrs and bmws giving each other the cold shoulder. The look out was popular

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  1. thanks again for showing adsy and I around. great job Tom, Pottsy and Marty for organising it all. awesome week end

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