Blog: June 30. Stuck at my desk

CapeYorkSweepRide132It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve spent the week stuck at my desk. No riding for me.

I did take the Dominator for a very quiet lap up through Dorrigo and back through Lowanna and Coramba yesterday, and that was worth waiting all week for. It was a glorious morning and I had to be really careful to not get any dirt on it.

I bumped into a couple of blokes at Juan’s – one of them Darren from the Poker Run – and we had a quick yarn. The guys both had bikes that weren’t new, but that they were really happy with. I began to reflect that I get to ride so many great bikes, and pretty much all the new models as they come around, but that Honda of mine still lights up my riding world every time I roll it out of the shed.

I’m not saying it’s better than all the other bikes I ride. I’m just saying that bike really makes me feel good.

Anyway, that thought lifted my already sensational morning yesterday.

This week will be the same as last week for work, but worse, so I don’t know I’ll have much to talk about next week. We’ll see.

It’s not really a dualsport topic, but holy mother of Dog! Did everyone see that MotoGP last night? Christ on a pogo stick! What a race! I have some cynical reservations about the way MotoGP is organised, but I can’t help but shoot my wad every time I watch those three Spaniards and one Italian duke it out. Assen was an absolute classic. A real race to remember.

Enough gibber from me.

More next week.



Just after I signed off Craig Murcott called. He’s taken the Dominator to paint the pipes.

AWESOME. That bikes looks TOTALLY sexy already. Now it’s going to just be fricken awesomer.



  1. Great, you’ll be able to bring your sexy Dom away for a naughty weekend then . Get her all wet as you charge headlong through the gnarly crossing’s of the Condamine then bed her down in the haunted hallows of the Aussie Hotel in Boonah. 19 coming so far, not many rooms left.

  2. Not for me, Dave.

    Aside from it sounding like there might be DIRT, and that might end up on the precious Tominator, I already have a commitment on the Saturday night.

    I might try and you guys for a McCoffee on Saturday morning, though.


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