Blog: August 11. I’ve been riding!

I’ve been in the Flinders Ranges, SA, with the Triumph guys, riding my brains out and having the BEST time.

TriumphRATRide2014_582I was away 10 days, and just to cap things off, my flights were cancelled yesterday, so I’m running really late with everything.

I’m back at my desk now (Monday morning), so as soon as I have a chance I’ll post a few pics and tell about the ride. Check back a bit later.



  1. You’re just skiting now aren’t you, rubbing it right in that you have been out riding some of the best roads in OZ.

    Go on, admit it, you’re just trying to make us all feel envious you’ve been off having fun while the rest of us are all here hard at work.

    You should of course, I would!

  2. For once, yeah I am! YEAH! TF

  3. we probably won’t be envious of your next few days though as you try and catch up

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