A Marty H ride

I didn’t mean to be mean, Dean

While Craig and I had made rough plans to go riding Sunday, the way it was raining Saturday night and early Sunday morning we’d all but given up on the idea of a ride.

Waking to an excited phone call from Craig at 8.30am and clear blue skies left a scramble to be ready by 9.00am.

Knowing Mean Dean wanted to go to Brooms Head, I gave him a quick ring on the only number of his I have. There was no reply, so we decided, “No worries. Let’s go.”

dscf0021Settling on a road transport to Settlers Road before the dirt started surprisingly firm with the odd clay section to keep you on your toes. A few sandy sections closer to Halfway Creek were perfect riding with plenty of traction and no dust.

dscf0023Coastal Range Road was very rough and rutted, making it harder to take in the magnificent sea views. The crisp fresh feel of the bush after the rain certainly helped as we splashed through puddles and skipped over rock ledges.

dscf0042 dscf0041 dscf0040The skinny rocky ridges parallel with Condole Road were in excellent condition and a hoot to ride as they wound, dipped and dived towards Brooms Head before dropping off the ridge.

dscf0044dscf0049Kangaroo Flat Road looked a little overgrown but was heading in the right direction. It turned out to be top fun with a few small puddle sections. Craig thought he spotted a rare swamp frog and stopped for a better look, unfortunately with a closer look it turned out to be a soggy leaf. He didn’t give up though, and spent a few minutes checking out the rest of the section almost inch by inch. No frogs, but.

dscf0055Boshies Waterhole Road gave Craig a chance to wash off some mud and was in excellent condition and well maintained on the way to a burger at Brooms Head.

dscf0064 dscf0074Since it was such a nice day we slipped up to the Sandon River for a look and it was screaming for a camping trip soon, its clear water beckoning.

dscf0091Lunch was a brilliant burger right on the beach at Brooms Head. Dean’s text gave us a little chuckle as he checked his phone minutes after we left and sent us a message on Craig’s phone.

dscf0057Then it was time to leave the beach behind for the long slog home. As it was nearly two o’clock, we stuck to the main dirt ridges, leaving the snotty stuff for next time.

dscf0093Showing we were on the right track some rock art made quite a statement. Craig must have been wicking it up because he ran out of fuel at the 290km mark at the Big Banana, one hill short of a servo.

See Dean? You didn’t miss much. We both fell off, got stuck in the stinking mud and had to put up with overloaded senses for most of the trip with the views, smells and great riding.

Maybe you need to give me your home number.

Marty HC


  1. Hey Marty,is it me that makes your photography look good or your photography that makes me look good?
    Probably none of the above…
    Shame I didn’t have my camera out when you decided to give your bike a “wash” halfway through the ride.
    Thanks again for a top ride in top conditions
    I think Dean is on the warpath

  2. Glad to see you two had a great ride,look forward to getting a phone call the day before you decide to go on a ride next time. By the way I’m not really that mean .

  3. Thanks for the invite Marty
    Couldn’t make it though, I’m currently in the country of the all conquering mighty KTM (Austria)not much bush over here for riding though!

  4. Might pay to grab a few spare parts while your there then Gibbo. At least whatever you can fit in your suitcase !!

  5. good thing fuel pumps are small and cheaper in bulk

  6. did I read correctly, marty camping, that would be a first. I thought your idea of camping was in a motel.

  7. Oh s#* t hardcore your dirty little secret has finally been let out of the bag.
    Camping in a motel is not something everyone on this website knew about you.
    Well it had to happen sooner or later.
    How will you explain your way out of this one.

    Q; do you even own a tent?

  8. last time i looked there wasn’t any motels across the simpson we had 3 nights acom in 14.
    I don’t dislike camping but not overly fond of carrying stuff that affects the fine handling or a DR.i spose you guys on big bikes what you didn’t have you won’t miss
    I not only own a couple of tents, I still have one of toms tents I borrowed a couple of years ago.
    AND I DON’T GET ‘CAMP’ in a motel, I.M A SUZUKI rider not on one of those permissive European models.
    Saying that when i went to hill end with my wife meeting me at night with the car I stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast at Merriwa and went to museum next day. I am more civil and better behaved when my wifes around
    Still saving a fresh 606 for kilpotay.

  9. I see we cant have a civil conversation without bagging KTM .Anyway Dave would you like me to text Gibbo and see if he cant put a few headlights in with hes spares we no how easy you seem to break them .Just text me how many you think that you might need ..

  10. Must be the wet weather every one stuck at home bored.
    So let’s all pay out on each other and there chosen rides
    And choice of accomadation !!

  11. I know Gibbo is doing alright, but who could afford 2 BMW headlights

  12. Ouch ! PMSL.Had to wipe the tears away to type. For a bloke that claims to not be that mean ( I refer to your post; August 18th ) You got a good one in then ! Touche. Thanks for the offer, but they’re probably no cheaper than here.

  13. It’s funny Dave there seems to be more KTMs in Germany than BMWs (for the true adv riders anyway)I guess they like performance over country loyalty (haha)

  14. Is it pissing down rain over there as well Gibbo ? Wouldn’t you be better off doing a lap of Nurburgring or line up for a practice run of the Hare Scramble at Erzberg rather than stirring the pot over here ? True BMW Advriders are off hunting wild Boar in the woods with Asterix & Obelix, not parked up in a grassy paddock of Edelweiss were you can see them, singing ” Climb every mountain ” if only my fuel pump wasn’t crook ( thanks Marty )

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